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Five Ways You Could be Hurting Your Data Center Business

Posted by James Russell, III on Mar 7, 2019 3:34:19 PM
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Utilizing a supply chain acceleration program can help you keep pace with your customers’ demands for faster and effortless data center procurement. According to the Cisco Global Cloud Index, data center storage installed capacity will grow to 2.6 zettabytes (ZB) by 2021, up from 663 exabytes (EB) in 2016, a nearly four-fold increase.Here are five of the most common ways you could be hurting your data center business and how you can rise above them.

  1. Avoiding Complex Solutions – Keeping up with the latest data center technology from multiple vendors can be challenging. Using distributor-provided engineering resources, like Tech Data solution engineers and field solution architects who are highly skilled at integrating multi-vendor solutions, can help you deliver the solutions your customers need, faster.

  2. “Going it Alone” – This option is not the fastest nor most cost-effective way to build a customized solution. Instead, choose a distribution partner that has a dedicated support team to remove the complexity, uses vendor-validated designs and can guide you through the build-to-order quote-to-order process.

  3. Purchasing From Multiple Vendors – Drop ship lead times vary by vendor and can average more than 21 days. To drastically decrease shipping time, look for distribution partners who carry enough inventory to build a complete UCS solution in three business days. This means you can ship, install and invoice your customers faster − increasing your credit utilization rate.

  4. Shipping Components Instead of Complete Solutions − Do your products sometimes ship and arrive at the end users’ site at different times? This complicates invoicing and can result in installation delays. Eliminate this problem by shipping fully-configured orders from the same warehouse, at the same time.

  5. Using High-Value Resources for Integration – Keep your highly-skilled engineers focused on your customers and closing business with higher margin solutions. You’ll save more money in the long run by leaving the integration to a distribution partner. Tech Data, has a supply chain acceleration program that expedites customized solutions to your customers.

 Bringing It All Together

Customer expectations and demand for data center technology continues to increase in complexity. Prepare your business today by using supply chain acceleration programs, like those from Tech Data, to deliver fully configured, validated, multi-vendor data center solutions. You’ll save money on integration costs and enable your technical team to focus on the customer.

 To find out how supply chain acceleration can help your business, schedule a complimentary consultation with Tech Data, data center solutions consultant, James Russell.


About the Author

James Russell III, Cisco Data Center Solutions Consultant, has over 25 years of computer industry experience. He offers technological expertise in design of cloud-ready architectures and multi-tiered, high-availability enterprise solutions for multiple vendors including Cisco. James is responsible for consulting on storage, server, virtualization and integration solutions to meet customers’ needs and requirements.


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