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Solutions Aggregation's 'Best of'

Posted by Mike Fitch on Jul 21, 2021 4:15:20 PM

Over the past month, we’ve explored the drastic change from the very linear vendor-distributor-reseller-end user relationship of the past to the multi-connection, multi-point, multi-directional experience of the future. As both individuals and organizations connect more devices, store more data in the cloud and combat more cybersecurity attacks, the needs of customers are becoming increasingly complex. What used to be solved by just one or two technology vendors now requires a village, and goes beyond just supplying technology products; today, value-driven services and enablement are key drivers and differentiators for traditional-distributors-turned-solution-aggregators.

We’ve compiled a recent recap to give you the full background on what solution aggregation is, how it benefits our channel partners and the outlook and vision for this model.

What’s All the Chatter Around Solution Aggregation?

Picture3-3For decades, the tiered distribution model among the IT channel has worked (and will continue to work) to get vendor products to reseller partners and their end user customers. However, those end user customer demands are evolving, and “distributors” are evolving along with it to do a lot more than just serve as an intermediary. Today, companies like Tech Data serve as “solution aggregators,” a term coined to define an organization that has the vendor relationships and expertise to simplify the build, delivery and support of complex solutions. Particularly true in next-gen areas like cloud, IoT and security, solution aggregators become the center of the IT ecosystem, connecting all of the parts that allow innovation to flourish.

As we move toward the connected future, more organizations will adopt cloud-based digital native platforms and consumption subscription models. Solution aggregators will need to reorganize to “aggregate, facilitate and orchestrate” systems of value creation.

See what the industry is saying about solution aggregation: https://blog.techdata.com/authority/business-insight/whats-all-the-chatter-around-solution-aggregation

Q&A: Moving from a Linear Supply Chain to an Orchestration Model

Picture2-4We sat down with the two de facto experts within Tech Data who lead the charge when it comes to solution aggregation and orchestration: Maghen Hannigan, vice president of global integration and alliances, and Sergio Farache, executive vice president, strategy, and next-gen technologies. Sergio and Maghen discuss the concept of orchestration, a model where Tech Data empowers and enables our channel partners to become an extension of the solution aggregation concept, helping address complex customer issues. In many cases, Tech Data is helping our channel partners put together elements of a complete solution so that they can deliver the solution to both familiar and new markets.

This model of orchestration is a marathon, not a sprint, and we are gradually working our way through the steps of evolving in that direction. In the end, we are addressing a significant change in how technology is consumed. For the full Q+A: https://blog.techdata.com/authority/datacenter/qa-moving-from-a-linear-supply-chain-to-an-orchestration-model

5 Benefits of Solution Aggregation for Channel Partners


Solution aggregation isn’t just helping “distributors.” Channel partners are reaping the benefits of this model in a number of ways. We took a look at the top five ways our customers are benefitting from Tech Data’s 400+ vendors in 100+ countries. A sneak peak:

  • Satisfy complex customer needs
  • Expand into new markets and verticals

See the full list of 5 benefits of solution aggregation for channel partners: https://blog.techdata.com/authority/iot/5-benefits-of-solution-aggregation-for-channel-partners

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