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Sponsored by Transition Networks:  Glenn Buck Provides Deep-Dive Into Transition Networks’ Power of Ethernet (PoE) Solutions

Posted by Kelly Armstrong on Jul 8, 2020 8:00:00 AM

There are many ways to optimize a modern workplace: new devices and networks are only scratching the surface. With Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions, you can relieve energy resources, connect power to your data, and more. 

To learn more about this solution, Authority sat down with Transition Networks’ Sales Engineer, Glenn Buck, to discover everything PoE has to offer the modern workplace.

Hi Glenn, thanks for joining us! Would you share a bit about your background and what brought you to the technology field?

I started in data centers as a network control specialist and then in engineering at Duke Energy where I designed networks and implemented various LANs and WANs. After nearly 20 years, I went to the network vendor world with ADC (currently known as Commscope) as a Principal Sales Engineer.

After this experience, I moved onto Transition Networks as a Sales Engineer and have been leading their field team for over 5 years now.

Can you describe more about your role as a Sales Engineer for Transition Networks?

My overall goal is to help customers find the right networking solution for their project. Also, to be completely honest, nothing is typical now: current events are making us constantly change our plans in the field.

Most typical days before travel was restricted involved me catching a flight to meet with field sales teams in various locations. In these meetings, I would deliver product presentations, conduct demos and provide various evaluations of our products.

Today, I’m doing much less traveling and more online interviews and webinars. I’m able to do live product demos remotely for customers from my house. I have all the equipment I need with me which means I can easily log into Transition Networks solutions and show customers the tools we have to offer.

Let’s segue to the partnership between Tech Data and Transition Networks: Tell us a little about it.

Transition Networks has been a partner of Tech Data’s for over 20 years, and it’s a great partnership. Tech Data has helped us express our company’s value to multiple end users – from commercial, to federal, to healthcare. This in turn allows us to further solidify Transition Networks as a reputable network solutions provider.

How is this partnership helping to drive progress in the channel as a whole?

When it comes to translating the value of our partnership with Tech Data to customers and resellers, it all comes down to visibility. Tech Data shows how Transition Network’s solutions can work in a wide array of environments. Without their help, it would be more challenging for us to show how our solutions can benefit various environments.

Let’s discuss one of Transition Networks’ areas of specializations, Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions. What are they, and what are their advantages?

Good question, because PoE, or Power over Ethernet, is something Transition Networks has been focused on for years. Our PoE Smart Managed Switch products allow both ethernet data and power to flow through the same Cat. X cabling. Transition Networks has implemented this technology into several different markets including security surveillance networks, PoE lighting systems and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

Since developing their first PoE solutions, the need for Transition Networks’ products has only grown. As the number of IoT devices (cameras, WAPs, sensors) continue to proliferate, the need for networks that can transport and power large volumes of data efficiently, securely, and reliably from any location increases in importance. One trend to watch in particular is PoE Lighting.

Why is Intelligent PoE lighting in particular a trending solution?

The energy consumed by lighting in most commercial buildings is inefficient. With PoE solutions, you can save more money and resources in the long run. I’ve seen customers save up to 30% on their electricity while also attaining a cleaner and greener work environment. By using the data connections in PoE lighting systems, sensors can be placed in the fixtures that can harvest natural daylight in a room. The sensors then process that data and adjust the indoor lighting to compliment. Intelligent lighting systems powered by PoE switch products can be tied into other building automation systems like the building HVAC systems so lighting and temperature are simultaneously controlled.

The use cases are extensive for this technology, too. In a healthcare environment, PoE lighting can be used to automatically change lighting conditions on a mass scale. Studies have even shown that healthcare facilities that adjust lighting to compliment a human’s circadian rhythm can accelerate the overall patient recovery time.*

How can Tech Data’s customers and reseller partners learn more about your Intelligent PoE lighting solutions?

Recently, we launched an 8-part webinar series called Connectivity from Your Couch which covers Transition Networks’ various technology solutions from networking basics to case studies. If you missed a previous webinar, you watch recordings on-demand by creating an account on our website.

* Source: 2014 Kansas State University Study.

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