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Whitebox Data Storage: Saving Bundles on Your Bundles

Posted by Frankie Capizzi on Aug 14, 2018 12:00:00 PM

Can you spot the difference between the two Solid State Drives (SSDs) ? Your server can’t. These two Intel DC S4600 SSDs have identical specifications; the only differences are cosmetic.Sourced as part of a total solution and pre-installed, the cost for a drive could be substantially higher than the non-branded version sourced through distribution. As shown in the table below, the cost savings can range from 25 percent on the Intel Xeon 4110 to as much as 60 percent for the Intel S4600. The Intel DC S4600 is not exclusive; it is a standard component used for enterprise server systems.



Reassess the Value of Pre-Installed, Branded Components

When proposing solutions from branded manufacturers, consider sourcing non-populated systems (i.e., empty storage bays) from the vendor and the storage components separately. The cost savings can allow you to meet their budgetary requirements to win the deal, grow your sales and boost your margins. If your customers are looking for system upgrade options, non-branded storage can provide a price advantage and an additional opportunity for the installation.

With component shortages currently impacting the server and storage market expected to continue through the end of the year (Gartner, 2018), now is the time to introduce non-branded components to your customers. Many end-users are not willing to wait six to eight weeks for branded server components. A non-branded solution can reduce lead times and provide noteworthy savings. Consider sourcing a non-branded solution from Tech Data Global Computing Components. Our whitebox server and storage offerings provide the most competitive price/feature benefits of any branded solution. These solutions give you the flexibility to propose solutions that best meet your customers’ needs and budget, and create installation and maintenance service opportunities for your company while putting more money in your pocket.

Less Expensive and Less Complicated: The Correct Solution

We’ve come a long way from the days of “no one ever got fired for buying a Tier 1 brand.” Vendor reputation, while still a consideration, has taken a back seat to expenditure costs; both capital (CapEx) and operational (OpEx). Return on investment continues to be a critical factor in product selection. However, the elements used to calculate ROI are now measured differently than in the past. Each vertical market and individual business has its own set of pain points, ROI metrics and business requirements that establish the criteria they use for making hardware investment decisions. These changes are having a considerable impact on system and storage manufacturers and have opened the door to whitebox hardware in a way that was not possible before.

As the trend to hyper-scale data centers grows, commoditizing the infrastructure components has two clear advantages: reduction of hardware component costs and support for major operating systems in single or multiple occurrences. These benefits provide greater flexibility and scaling to allow you to better meet the needs of your customers and simplify their decision process.

You Cannot Afford Not to Investigate Alternative Solutions; Tech Data Is Here to Help

For every Tier 1 server or storage opportunity you are presented with, whether a server infrastructure refresh or laptop deployment, determine the level of value the customer places in branded hardware; would they consider a storage memory upgrade to be a viable, cost-effective alternative? Then ask them if they like paying more for the same product/features. Tech Data can help you achieve a win-win, allowing you to live your role as ‘trusted advisor’ by providing the customer with the same quality and reliability in a whitebox solution at a fraction of the cost of a branded solution. Our Global Computing Components (GCC) team can assist with a whitebox or component-based solution quote.

Tech Data’s GCC team brings a progressive, approach to helping our partners solve business issues. We are subject matter experts in our chosen technology categories that include processors, hard drives, solid state drives, flash memory, client and server architecture, network connectivity, enterprise storage and non-branded server solutions. GCC’s ability to design and deliver new and creative solutions for the data center combined with our competitive business and enablement programs allow our partners to enhance their position as trusted advisors for their customers, win more opportunities and drive increased profits through these cost-effective solutions.

Contact the GCC Business Development team in your area to help you learn more about component and whitebox solutions.

About the Author

Frankie Capizzi is a business development manager for Tech Data Global Computing Components in Europe.

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