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The Future of Logistics on Display

Posted by Charles Vanterpool on May 22, 2018 12:00:00 PM

Having attended the recent MODEX conference in Atlanta, I had the chance to see the future of logistics. Let me tell you, the future is going to be exciting! Here are some observations that’ll redefine how logistics are conducted and ultimately, the future success of logistics businesses.

Robots Are Taking Over

Excuse the dramatics, but it’s true. Robotic automation in the logistics industry is here, with exponential growth anticipated over the coming years. Robots and autonomous machines are being used with increased frequency to carry out tasks such as picking, loading, moving and labeling of warehouse items. And it’s not just robots that’ll drive the future. Mobile devices will play an increasing role in logistics. The future logistics operation will no longer be tied to a desktop computer. It’ll operate with complete mobility, utilizing tablets and handheld devices to increase productivity and reduce downtime. But how do these intelligent devices work? What do they connect to? Enter the ubiquitous IoT.

IoT: It’s Not Just a Catch Phrase but the New Standard

IoT, or Internet of Things, is a term that has taken the marketplace by storm. It seems to be everywhere where technology is the topic of discussion. Nowhere is its presence more profound than the logistics industry. Robotics are redefining the industry and soon will be at the core of everything logistics. However, for these machines to operate with intelligence—receiving, understanding and performing their required duties—we must be able to communicate with them; IoT facilitates this. IoT provides the pathway upon which information is transmitted, using a host of data transfer protocols and devices (routers, access points, etc.). Mobility or mobile connectivity is the enabler of IoT. To ensure functionality, all of these access points, machines and communication devices must be interconnected through a network.

Tech Data’s Mobility Solutions Team Helps Customers Expand Their Global Footprint

As mobile connectivity becomes the norm rather than the exception, companies and customers will need experts to help them develop and scale their solutions. This is where Tech Data’s mobility vertical solutions experts team can help. Experts in all things mobile, our team can help your team solve your customers’ mobility needs – increasing speed to market, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Tech Data brings a vertical market focus using the full complement of OEM market leaders and network carriers (the U.S. and abroad). This breadth of resources provides our customers the most comprehensive solution capabilities available. We can help configure a complete solution that includes devices, connectivity, peripherals and expert device management support.

Mobility is quickly becoming the standard in logistics operations. Make sure your business is positioned to effectively and efficiently fulfill your customers’ needs. Leverage the strength of Tech Data’s OEM partnerships and our world-class team of mobility solutions experts. The future is here and we want to help you seize it.

For more information, contact the Tech Data Mobility Solutions team at mobilitysolutions@techdata.com or Charles Vanterpool at charles.vanterpool@techdata.com

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