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Sponsored by Lenovo: Why Modern Solutions Are the Key to Remote Work Productivity

Posted by Hali Drizis on Nov 18, 2020 11:27:31 PM

Continuity and productivity: these are two words you’ll hear business leaders use often. And now, with many workers transitioning to a long-term, remote workforce model, continuity and productivity are top of mind.

Remote offices were often thought of as models in which employee productivity decreased and costs increased. However, recent findings suggest quite the opposite and more. And that why the right technology matters now more than ever.

Work is What You Do, Not Where You Do It

A remote, flexible workforce offers many benefits for both employers and employees, which helps to explain why there has been a 159% increase in remote work since 2005.1 Although a remote workforce does present challenges, such as security and network performance issues, it’s key to have the right hardware and services to help employees remain focused and productive throughout their day.

Modern Remote Workforce Solutions for a Modern Workforce

According to a recent study, 91% of workers say that they crave modern solutions, and 84% say that businesses today are missing many opportunities by not moving to more modern solutions.2 What are modern solutions? They are technology’s answer to the needs of our modern workforce. Modern solutions provide employees with the most up-to-date technology, enabling them to solve problems and perform effectively and efficiently.

Today, three in five U.S. workers say that their company is going through a digital transformation.3 What does this mean for you? Modernizing your organization’s technology is critical. The adoption of digital technology to transform businesses is significant to today’s world, and is necessary for keeping employee satisfaction up and displeasure down.

Where Do I Go for Support?

All of these statistics sound promising, but you may be asking yourself: What about the initial costs of getting employees set up for a remote environment with modern solutions? How can I ensure that employees remain productive outside of the office?

That’s where we’re here to help! The Tech Data Lenovo team has plenty of inventory and solutions representatives available to help you build the best modern solution for you and your customers. Our team is well versed in product specifications and inventory updates. Plus, we can provide you with professional insight for building the right remote workforce for you.

Contact our team today to learn more. Call us at 800-237-8931, ext. 5545024 or email us at lenovo@techdata.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!

About the Author

Hali Drizis is a Marketing Operations Specialist for the Lenovo Commercial line at Tech Data Corporation. She has worked at Tech Data for two and a half years and thrives on helping create new avenues for customers to understand and learn about the technology at hand. Prior to working at Tech Data, Hali graduated from the University of South Florida where she studied Psychology and Behavioral Healthcare.



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