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Sponsored by Intel: How to Find a Device That Changes the Way You Work

Posted by Tori West on Jul 20, 2020 6:31:29 PM

As a business development manager for Intel at Tech Data, I get a lot of questions from resellers. One of the biggest questions is, “how do you select the right device to enhance a workplace?”

Having talked with many who work in a modern technology environment like Tech Data’s, I’ve learned that employees look for clean, intuitive, adaptable, flexible, stylish, advanced, secure, and mobile devices. All these descriptors showed me one thing overall though: employees want technology that mirrors the way they want to work.

This is natural, of course; over time, the demand for faster, smarter and more intuitive devices has risen to try and match the many ways people work. Gone are the days of waiting for your PC to boot up, or experiencing lag while multiple applications are running.

As a member of today’s workforce, fast and efficient technology is paramount to my success: I take my laptop with me everywhere I go to perform my job. It’s my source for notes, communication, projects, and research. I expect the technology to not only adapt to the way I work but maintain my workloads with the multiple applications I run daily.

To have the flexibility to quickly do what we do, we all need a modern device. One of the top modern device platforms I’ve been promoting to meet these kinds of needs is the Intel vPro® platform.

This platform consists of some the newest and most reliable enhancements in productivity, security, manageability and stability – the top four pillars I believe a device needs to excel.

Here’s how this four-pillar platform changes the way we work:

Enhances Productivity: Devices with Intel Optane memory learn the way you work and can deliver up to 84% faster performance. This means you can power more business workloads, maximize employee productivity, analyze data faster, simplify connectivity and extend battery life.

Maintains Security: Today, cybercriminals are finding gaps in the bios at the chip level of PCs. The Intel vPro platform’s hardware-enhanced security features protect against attacks below the OS and provides a more secure platform foundation.

Remote Manageability: Intel vPro platform manageability tools empower users to remotely monitor, restore, upgrade, and secure their work devices – regardless of if they’re inside or outside the corporate firewall.

Long-Term Stability: Fewer hardware changes and interruptions for users is key. The stable IT platform program, or Intel SIPP is designed to work with the Intel vPro platform to alleviate the upgrading processes users go through, while allowing them to transition devices at their own pace.

Do you have more specific needs that you think the Intel vPro platform can address? Not sure where to begin in modernizing your workplace? Let’s talk about it! Intel is ready to change the performance game and help people of all workflows get the job done. Contact my team and I at alliances@techdata.com to learn more about the steps you can take to upgrade your own workplace.

About the Author

Tori West is a Business Development Manager, Intel Branded, Tech Data. In this role, she promotes the latest of their technology and implements their go-to-market strategies. She began her career at Tech Data 3 years ago and has previously worked with Tech Data’s internal Cisco Smartnet team as well as their HP Inc. engineering team. Born and raised in Florida, she loves to call this beautiful sunny state her home. Outside of her work, Tori enjoys the outdoors, country music, and spending time with her family and chihuahua.

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