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Looking to Completely Transform the Customer Engagement Experience? Use Smart Signage

Posted by Tech Data Maverick Solutions Team on Oct 17, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Part One of this series focused on how businesses in every industry continue to transform workplace experiences by modernizing how they communicate and collaborate. In this discussion, we’ll explore how Tech Data’s Maverick AV Solutions business works with vendors on specific vertical market requirements; offering them the right smart signage solutions with the right services and expertise. 

Smart signage drives engagement. It’s not long ago when smart signage – or digital signage – was only used by the retail market to advertise. These days, healthcare, corporate, education, hospitality and other industries are embracing technology and using smart signage to inform, educate and engage customers.

Maverick AV Solutions helps channel partners leverage smart signage solutions in several different ways to drive results.

1.      Helping Retailers Deliver Sales Messages and Create New Advertising Revenue Streams

Shopping malls use digital signage for everything from wayfinding for directing customers to relevant departments, to advertising. Signage is now an active solution with the ability to use and ingest data – from IoT, POS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and camera devices – to display relevant and timely content. Maverick AV Solutions works as a partner to large multi-site retailers that demand complex in-store solutions and helps support the development of next-generation technology requirements.  

2.      Changing How the Food Service Industry Attracts and Engages Visitors

Personalization of content is a growing feature of successful signage deployments, with the opportunity to deliver the right content by audience identification to display personalized offers. For example, it can identify a 30-year old female from a 50-year-old male and target her with offers from retail clothes stores or beauty products. Alternatively, if a person walks past a coffee shop where they previously signed up for free Wi-Fi, they can start receiving Bluetooth notifications with special coffee offers; or through the loyalty program with deals on their specific drink of choice.

3.      Solving Healthcare Challenges to Improve Patient Engagement and Experiences

Smart signage in the healthcare market provides improved internal communication and creates an engaging experience for patients by providing relevant and timely information. Telepresence systems for instance, are used for accessing worldwide expertise, providing real-time monitoring that advances treatment and improves patient health to reduce readmission rates. Maverick AV Solutions can help you develop solutions designed to solve healthcare challenges in hospitals, surgeries and waiting rooms.

Explore options for the corporate and education markets or speak to Maverick AV Solutions for more information on how channel partners build the right solutions for any vertical, application, size and budget.

Smart Signage is Heating up the Market

To help channel partners to stay educated and to make decisions around smart signage, let’s explore what’s hot in the marketplace.

  •  LED is growing rapidly with the price for performance ratio now hitting the right point for volume.
  • Content creation is relevant to the environment using personalization to drive interactivity.
  • With the introduction of the Internet of Things, data analytics and network security is becoming important.

Data analytics is also going to drive use cases around the products and businesses must ensure that customers’ data is secured. With time, similar to having Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS), we will have data analytics sold as a service to an end-user. This means people will be able to view their meeting room usage and get charged on consumption - or how often they use the room. 

Download this digital signage brochure to learn more about how to manage customers’ digital displays throughout their lifecycle. 

Tune back in for Part Three of this series as we discuss what we expect in the next five years in the AV world. Don’t want to wait? Comment below and let's discuss how Tech Data can help you incorporate our services and support globally. 








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