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Empowering the Healthcare Industry's Digital Transformation

Posted by Anthony Cina on Mar 5, 2018 8:00:00 AM

The challenges in healthcare are plenty. Organizations are tasked with improving patient care & patient satisfaction, improving the health of populations and lower the per capita cost of healthcare. New mobile-based collaborations between caregiver and patient will improve the way organizations serve consumers. The Internet of Things (IoT) including wearables, medical device and EHR data collection and analysis can help identify patients with chronic diseases, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a role in identifying treatment efficacies for better outcomes and lowering the cost of care.

On-premise IT is too costly, medical data growth is staggering and cloud adoption for health IT is accelerating. Cybersecurity, disaster recovery and other defensive measures are being implemented as healthcare organizations plan for the digital transformation to achieve the cost benefits of an agile, expandable and accessible cloud-based infrastructure that addresses the many pressing challenges surrounding the healthcare industry today. 

Healthcare organizations, like many other businesses today, are leveraging digital technologies to develop operational efficiencies. The application of next-generation technologies are poised to have a dramatic effect on the way patients are cared for, hospital facilities are maintained and physicians are compensated. This provides ample opportunity for Solution Providers to serve as a technical advisor to their customers.

The Healthcare Vertical Solutions Framework (HVSF) is a tool that was developed to help our partners better visualize and socialize the digital transformation journey of a health enterprise. As health organizations transform their legacy IT environments to achieve the cost-benefit of an agile, expandable and accessible cloud-based infrastructure, Tech Data partners can use this tool to identify and define entry points of opportunities, use-cases and what benefits are gained when a health organization securely migrates to a private, public or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

The HVSF is a documented step-by-step journey that includes reference architectures, use-cases and benefits for each of Tech Data’s five Specialty Business Units (SBU): Private, Public & Hybrid Cloud, Security, Big Data/Analytics, Mobility and IoT. The HVSF demonstrates Tech Data’s knowledge of the healthcare vertical and the technology and services required to digitally transform a healthcare enterprise. It highlights Tech Data’s “Distributor of the Future” vision of being the vital link in the technology ecosystem, enabling our channel partners to bring to market products and solutions the healthcare vertical needs to connect, grow and advance.

The channel benefits by having access to a tool that helps them with a visual depiction of the digital transformation journey of a healthcare enterprise and enables them to articulate that journey to their customers. Through the application of the HealthPath program combined with the Healthcare Vertical Solutions Framework our channel partners can gain greater breadth and depth of knowledge, and the healthcare organizations they partner with benefit from increased confidence in the solutions and technical expertise they provide. 

To learn more about Tech Data’s HealthPath program and Practice Builder Methodology in the U.S. and Canada, stop by the Tech Data booth (#2661) at HIMSS18 this week at the Venetian-Palazzo Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, visit Tech Data’s Healthcare Solutions webpage or call or call (800) 237-8931.

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