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Discover #MovetoModern: The Podcast With Krista Altman and Tori West

Posted by Kelly Armstrong on Oct 6, 2020 1:49:27 PM

 They’re technology gurus, business specialists and now they’re coming to you on the airwaves as Tech Data’s newest podcasters! Recently, Tech Data Authority sat down with business development managers and hosts, Krista Altman and Tori West, to talk about their new initiative – #MovetoModern: The Podcast.

Thanks for joining us Krista and Tori! First, can you tell us what #MovetoModern: The Podcast is about?

Krista: #MovetoModern: The Podcast is about finding forward momentum through progressive technology. We talk with vendors across the channel that deliver artistic, yet efficient solutions that readily adapt to an end user’s needs, correspond to their engagement with ease, and drive measurable outcomes that matter.

But let’s break that down a little further: we use “modern” a lot as a buzzword, but many don’t know what that entails. Our #MTM podcast team defines it as technology solutions that are adaptable, aesthetic, intuitive, outcome-driven and progressive. All of this plays into what we talk about on the podcast and the kinds of guests we bring on to interview to talk about the latest enterprise technology.

Can you tell us more about the types of guests you bring onto the podcast? What kind of topics do they cover?

Krista: We invite thought leaders throughout the technology channel to have conversations covering how their devices can be implemented to create the adaptable and progressive space end users expect in a modern device deployment.

Some of our guests are internal thought leaders at Tech Data, but most are experts and representatives from the vendors we partner with. These include Acer, Dell, HP Inc., Intel, Lenovo and Microsoft.

So far, we’ve covered topics such as how to set up systems so they’re on “autopilot”, modern solutions and how they apply to the growing e-sports and gaming space, why modern solutions are worth the investment and other topics.

What makes this podcast different from other technology podcasts?

Tori: We want to help show that a modern technology solution isn’t just a shiny, new computer or a piece of hardware, but something that makes the whole enterprise better.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the technology aspect of the show. Don’t get me wrong, we do have a lot of conversations about technology – I host one episode that’s all dedicated to Intel’s latest technology and how it’s new features help the enterprise space.

However, our goal of bringing on these guests to talk to us is to make enterprise solutions more relatable to people’s daily lives. For example, everyone knows about HP Inc. and the kinds of devices they offer in the workplace, but do they also know that they have a sustainability program to encourage more recycled materials in their products?

These topics, as well as the other topics Krista mentioned earlier, are the kinds of things the team and I dig into with our guests to try and enhance the connection between end users and enterprise technology.

Are you ready to discover #Move to Modern: The Podcast? Check out the latest episode here.

Stay tuned, because next week we’ll touch-base with Krista and Tori again to dive deeper into #MTM: The Podcast and discuss what exclusive benefits this series can bring to resellers and end users alike!

About the Author:

Kelly Armstrong is a copywriter for Tech Data Agency. Starting her professional technology journey in 2017 in the sales department at Tech Data, she learned about all the great things the company has to offer to help support the future of tech. Now, she uses that knowledge to help others and enthusiastically describe the latest and greatest technologies available to today’s workforce.


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