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Discover #MovetoModern: The Podcast – Part 2

Posted by Kelly Armstrong on Oct 13, 2020 5:19:18 PM

Join Tech Data Authority as we learn more about #MovetoModern: The Podcast with hosts Tori West and Krista Altman. In part 2 of this series, we cover how the podcast helps resellers and end users on the modern technology journey. We also cover the career trajectories of our #MTM podcast hosts and how they are reflected in their current roles at Tech Data.

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Thanks again for joining us, Krista and Tori! Let’s hop right into it: How does this podcast help end users and VARs (value-added resellers) in the technology space?

Tori: I think the podcast helps open resellers’ and end users’ minds to enterprise technologies and use cases they didn’t really think about before: We talk to a lot of guests on the podcast whose whole job is to show users how to gain the best results from new technology and how to introduce these technologies into spaces that can benefit from it.

Another way this podcast helps end users and resellers is that it provides perspective to both sides of the channel, and shows a method to the madness in constant software updates and new features. For example, I’ve met resellers who have very specific builds from an end user but aren’t sure why they need that build or how it can actually help the business. Similarly, I’ve worked with end users who want to improve their IT, or already have, but aren’t sure how to adopt these new features into their company culture.

Krista: I agree - #MTM: The Podcast makes the typically concept-heavy idea of enterprise technology more palatable to everyone, making it easier for resellers to guide end users.

We’re so used to talking about “how” technology works, but it’s hard to have a conversation around “why” we need to implement the technology. This podcast was made to solve that problem: to have end users and resellers come together to get information on why they need the latest technology solutions, as well as how they intend to make it work to gain the best results.

Tell us more about yourselves and your co-hosts: What do you all do for Tech Data and how does the podcast complement your current roles within the company?

Tori: Before podcasting and my current role as a Business Development Manager for Intel at Tech Data, I worked on the engineering team. I always enjoyed talking about what’s inside the computer, and that experience transfers over into what I usually talk about with guests on the show. In my current role though, my main goal is to bridge the gaps between the technical aspects of a purchase and how that helps customers solve their business challenges – all of which applies to this podcast and its mission to simplify enterprise technology.

Krista: Although Tori and I have similar titles, my experience as a Business Development Manager for Microsoft is driven more toward the human aspects of a workplace. Microsoft has a lot of features in their systems that appeal to very specific users, so knowing who needs what program to succeed is important in my side of business development.

As for how that translates into the podcast, I focus on how IT solutions affect the average worker, the teams that manage them or even the business executives that implement these solutions. By providing concrete examples of solutions in action, we can better illustrate the tools partners need and how they can use them to maximum impact.

Tori: This all brings us to David Stonage, our third host. David has his first episode coming up on the series soon, and we all can’t wait for it to air! He’s the Business Development Manager for Microsoft Education at Tech Data. His podcast episodes will focus on the education vertical and how users learn when new devices are implemented into an educational space.

With the three of us, our goal is to provide listeners a well-rounded perspective of enterprise technology and how they can evolve their knowledge of technology by discovering modern solutions with us.

How often do your podcasts air and where can listeners find your previous episodes?

Tori and Krista: This season, we have eight episodes lined up, each coming out every week. They live on the Move to Modern podcast site, but we post when we have new episodes on Tech Data’s Twitter and LinkedIn pages, as well.

Tori, Krista and David have a lot of ideas brewing for #MovetoModern: The Podcast! Check back at the Tech Data Authority blog soon to catch another update on the trio and what they have planned for the new year!

About the Author:

Kelly Armstrong is a copywriter for Tech Data Agency. Starting her professional technology journey in 2017 in the sales department at Tech Data, she learned about all the great things the company has to offer to help support the future of tech. Now, she uses that knowledge to help others and enthusiastically describe the latest and greatest technologies available to today’s workforce.


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