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Top 6 Reasons Converged Infrastructure is Driving the Market

Posted by Elorie Knilans on Jun 19, 2014 2:01:34 PM

Today, server and client virtualization has become the industry standard, putting data growth, business continuity and cost pressures in the forefront of customers' attention. While all of this is placing more demand on IT networks, data center consolidation is gaining momentum as businesses embrace a centralized computing model that ensures predictable application delivery, easy management, cost efficiency and comprehensive security. Organizations are quickly discovering the benefits of flexible, consolidated management – management of the server, network, storage and application resources as a single unit, one that positively impacts each person in the IT process.

  • End-Users – Fast, uninterrupted access—no matter where they are or what device they’re using.
  • IT Administrators – More simplified infrastructure management that allows them the time to strategically contribute to the core business.
  • IT Directors/Managers – Consolidated systems with secure and reliable data that increases productivity, meets SLAs while reducing operating costs.
  • CIOs – Compliant, cost-efficient “always on” environments that reduce costs and risks.

While converged infrastructure represents about 6 percent of data center spending today, it grew at a rate of about a 50 percent in 2013[i]. By 2017, the converged infrastructure market has a projected $402 billion total available market, which means that nearly two thirds of the infrastructure that supports enterprise applications will be packaged in some type of converged solution[ii]. So why is converged infrastructure driving the market?

  1. Bandwidth Demands – The amount of data consumed continues to grow exponentially each year and, along with it, the demand for more and more bandwidth to quickly and reliably transmit that data.
  2. Operational Efficiency – IT organizations are increasingly being asked to do more—deliver more, accelerate more, innovate more—with fewer and fewer resources.
  3. Safety & Security – With recent known attacks on Target and Niemen Marcus, we’re more aware of the growth of global attacks—such as cyberterrorism and cyberespionage— which are forcing organizations to ramp up their security efforts in response.
  4. Mobility/BYOD – As employees, travel between their home, corporate and remote offices, they are wanting access to their mobile devices to access corporate systems.
  5. Complex Regulatory Environment – With regulations becoming more increasingly complex, organizations must become more efficient at maintaining compliance.
  6. Green Initiatives – New initiatives around energy efficiency call for downsizing the IT footprint and, in turn, reducing power, cooling and cabling.

To effectively meet these business demands, IT organizations are looking for complete, best-of-breed solutions that fully integrate and optimize their infrastructures and elevate their networks into competitive advantages. Converged infrastructure technology is proving to be a key growth opportunity for VARS to attract new customers and profitably increase sales with current customers.

How can you capture and capitalize in this market opportunity? End users are facing challenges with  managing and maintaining infrastructures, meeting compliance, finding meaning with siloed data, ensuring continuity and accommodating new and emerging technologies, and you can leverage a proven methodology to enable them while increasing your market share and business growth. With Avnet, you can achieve profitability faster with less investment, risk and cost, while building the technology expertise to compete effectively in the IT market. Become your customers’ trusted advisor and create long-term, high value customer relationships while capitalizing on a fast-growing converged infrastructure market opportunity.

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2 Source: “Is Converged Infrastructure the Future of the Data Center?” CIO.com, 03/19/2013.


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