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What Does the Tech Data and ConnectWise CloudConsole Integration Mean?

Posted by Laura Vanassche on May 3, 2016 8:30:00 AM
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Tech Data and ConnectWise CloudConsole + Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) = the ultimate cloud solution provider (CSP) platform for managed service providers (MSPs). Tech Data and ConnectWise recently had some big news around simplifying the journey to become a CSP. So what exactly does all this mean for you?

If you’re considering the CSP program with an indirect Microsoft partner and moving your Advisor seats over, there are some pretty exciting changes coming your way. The first change is the need to accommodate receiving and generating monthly bills, and  the second is having the means to manage it all – hopefully from a single-view dashboard for all of your customers.

If you are already an MSP and are adding cloud services, you need tools that integrate into your professional services automation (PSA) tools. With PSA integration, adding a new product line can be seamless.

This is where ConnectWise has engineered a tool to simplify the process. ConnectWise’s CloudConsole is built to alleviate these concerns by making it simple for you to manage, monitor and bill Office 365 licenses. For me, there was one piece missing—I work with an indirect Microsoft partner.  Tech Data and ConnectWise partnered to bring these two worlds together—with StreamOne integrated into the CloudConsole, MSPs no longer need to leave their ConnectWise agent to add more CSP licenses. CloudConsole provides a single portal to buy and manage Microsoft Office 365 licenses. CloudConsole benefits include:

  • Better customer service made possible with dashboard view and single log-in for admin users across multiple customers
  • Simplify monitoring by setting notifications when thresholds (like mailbox size) are met and automatically generating tickets/alerts
  • Increased revenues by easily tracking the number of managed users, automating billing practices and keeping current on service upgrade requests for upsell opportunities

With Tech Data and CloudConsole integration, you can expect to:

  1. Add new Office 365 subscriptions from CloudConsole through the Tech Data Cloud Solutions Store, powered by StreamOne
  2. Increase or reduce seat count via the StreamOne Digital Locker without leaving CloudConsole
  3. Dashboard view across all customers – with the ease of switching tenants with single log-in for Admin users
  4. Coming Soon! View Tech Data invoices in the CloudConsole

You must be a ConnectWise partner in order to take advantage of CloudConsole’s benefits. To learn more about CSP and CloudConsole, click here. To learn more about becoming a ConnectWise partner click here.

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