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Transforming at the Speed of Cloud

Posted by Steven Kelley on Sep 18, 2018 6:00:00 PM
Steven Kelley
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We see it and live it daily. It’s called life and it’s moving and an ever-accelerating rate of speed. Moore’s Law states that technology doubles itself every 18 months. This certainly appears to be true as we are witnessing unprecedented change in how information is stored, managed and distributed. The world is being transformed before our eyes as next-generation technologies continue to disrupt the status quo. And, based on a recent IDC survey, it appears that disruptive technologies have even begun to disrupt themselves.

Every Cloud Has Its Silver Lining

Digital Transformation is forcing companies, including technology companies, to rethink the way they conduct business. This IDC survey revealed that based on unprecedented customer demand, cloud service providers are accelerating changes to their business models and that by 2020, only two-thirds plan to remain unchanged. In other words, over the next 15 months, as a result of customer growth and demand, 33 percent of the world’s cloud service providers plan to change the way they operate.

Market changes don’t occur in a vacuum. Emerging capabilities, new applications and growing needs for data management and security have a rippling affect. Whether you’re a traditional IT reseller looking to provide cloud technology solutions for the first time or a cloud service provider with existing cloud managed services, Tech Data can help. Visit us at techdatacloud.com or contact our cloud team directly at tdcloud@techdata.com.

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About the Author

Steven Kelley is a member of the Americas Communication and Strategic Marketing team for Tech Data Corporation, in Tempe, Arizona. In his role, Steve manages the company’s Authority blog site and its business partner newsletter, Power of Partnership. Prior to joining Tech Data, Steve managed the marketing, communication and PR duties for a range of businesses in the aviation, aerospace and defense, energy, financial services, hi-tech, and healthcare industries.

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