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Tech Data Coach, Scott Manicke, Shares How to Maximize Your Cloud Opportunities through Service Delivery

Posted by Ashley J. Martinez on Aug 27, 2020 6:13:14 PM

On the Clock (with a Tech Data Coach) is Tech Data's new thought leadership podcast featuring 'snackable' (15-20 minute) conversations with next generation subject matter experts in Tech Data's ecosystem – channel professionals our partners can connect with through the Tech Data Coaches network.

 Cloud was once considered an emerging technology, but I’ve come to think of it as “now and here to stay.” For instance, Cloud IT infrastructure spending is expected to reach $105.6 billion by 2024 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.6%.


I’ve even heard some partners in our network express having the good burden of “too much business”. They just don’t have the resources to maintain it all.


It’s times such as these, I believe the value of Cloud Services Delivery really shines. That’s why we invited Tech Data's Scott Manicke, Cloud Technologist and Architecture guru, to join us for the latest and final episode of Season I of On the Clock (with a Tech Data Coach). In this episode, Scott delved into this topic to illuminate how it can help reseller partners embrace the cloud, maximize efficiencies, and get the most out of partnership with Tech Data.


In this discussion, guest host and fellow Tech Data Coach, Raquel Acuna, asked Scott to expand and demystify Tech Data’s approach to Cloud Services:


“If you go to your favorite search engine and type in ‘Cloud Services’ you will find scores of products and capabilities in the cloud. But Cloud Services is much deeper than that; involving actual implementation, such as coordinating different platforms, services, capabilities, and delivering them as a cohesive solution. We can offer fully hybrid cloud services and solutions; a capability that extends into advanced services around technologies like automation and product platform API integration.”


It’s more than just pushing a product; it’s about assessing a solution and providing the right diagnosis to optimize cloud efficiency, speed-to-market, cost, and beyond. Scott expands on how this can be achieved, starting with the utility of leveraging assessments in your cloud practice:


“Assessments help customers in the earliest stages of their cloud journey…this gives our partners the opportunity to seize opportunities while they work on developing their in-house expertise, and help their end-customers make key decisions in their digital transformation journey, such as whether or not they are ready for the cloud, what type of cloud is the best fit for their business needs, and what will it cost them.”


Cloud Services, Scott emphasizes, is not exclusive to partners who are just getting their feet wet in the cloud, but can support businesses across all cloud maturity levels. Here are just a few of the areas he says the Cloud Services team can provide support through Cloud assessments:

  • Native Service Availability - Utilize a native cloud service instead of building something new
  • Cost Management – Leverage an existing environment until its end of support or end of life, then transfer functionality to the cloud
  • Future Planning – Conduct proper research and planning so a solution delivered today does not become obsolete tomorrow
  • Refactoring – Optimize legacy applications and systems by refactoring them into public cloud subsystems

Want to maximize your Cloud potential? You will want to hear this full interview with Scott!


Tech Data Coach, Scott Manicke, discusses Cloud Services in this “snackable” 20-minute podcast. 


On the Clock (with a Tech Data Coach) will soon be back for a Season II, featuring enriching conversations with more diverse perspectives and channels professionals. In the meantime, take a look at our previous episodes here.


Keep a lookout for updates on Season II on the Tech Data Authority blog or the Tech Data Cloud Solutions page on LinkedIn. 


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About the Author   

Ashley J. Martinez is the Host of On the Clock (with a Tech Data Coach) and a Marketing Strategist for Tech Data Cloud Solutions. In her role, Ashley is most passionate about customer experience and designing meaningful experiences to make cloud things easier for our partner community. Before Tech Data, Ashley served as a marketing professional in higher education and the public sector. In her free time, Ashley enjoys exploring the Tampa Bay Area (her  hometown), traveling, and spending quality time with her husband, Tilly, and their four dogs, Felix, Dobie, Oreo, and Ladybug. Connect with Ashley on LinkedIn.  

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