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StreamOne Improvements

Posted by Laura Vanassche on Apr 26, 2016 1:36:56 PM
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Recently, a few changes were implemented in StreamOne, Tech Data’s cloud marketplace, to improve your shopping experience. To make searching easier and more efficient, we have added a search box to the product. Now you can search within product listings by product name, category or keyword with enhanced page performance and responsiveness.



We have enhanced your experience with the Digital Locker to better manage subscriptions. With this improvement, previously "Suspended" line items will be visible below the SKU number in red lettering. 


When adding items to your cart, you will now be prompted to continue your shopping, or view the cart for checkout.


For Tech Data Cloud Service Provider (CSP) customers, integration with Microsoft allows for validation of domain names in real time. This new feature allows you to know whether a domain is already in use or whether to add new subscriptions to existing domains (if you want to change existing subscription seats up or down, please manage using the Digital Locker).




For current Microsoft Office 365 customers in the Microsoft Advisor or Open program that are switching to CSP, Tech Data has brought more visibility to existing tenants. The user can now input their existing domain name, and can also verify which Microsoft Partner Network ID is associated before sending over to Microsoft (previously it would send without verification and reject at Microsoft).


Stay tuned for more updates from Tech Data Cloud and its StreamOne platform. To watch a video walk-through of these changes, please click below.

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