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Sponsored by Veritas: Spotlight on Simon Jelley - Bridging Data Protection with Remote Work Security

Posted by Michael Santos on Oct 28, 2020 8:49:04 PM

A few months ago, we had the pleasure of connecting with Simon Jelley, GM and VP of Product Management at Veritas Technologies. We talked about Veritas’ commitment to customer-centricity, empowering people and increasing productivity. Simon returns with insights on keeping data secure in an era of remote work and how the acceleration to cloud opens new possibilities for collaboration.

Hi Simon. Welcome back to the Tech Data Authority Blog! Big picture, what have you been up to since we last spoke?

It’s great to BE back! It certainly has been a very busy time for us here at Veritas in the Backup Exec (BE) Business. Since we last spoke, we have delivered (to our customers and partners) new releases of Veritas Backup Exec, System Recovery, Desktop Laptop Option (DLO) and SaaS Backup. These solutions bring new capabilities for protection across Physical, Virtual, Cloud, Endpoints and SaaS including support for VMWare Cloud on AWS, AWS FSx, Azure VMWare Solutions, Azure Files, Dynamics 365 and Mac.

Busy indeed! Previously, you’ve stated that your role is all about enabling people. How has the act of empowering others to do their best work evolved over the last year?

Enabling our employees, customers and partners starts with listening to them and understanding their needs. The challenges of this year have made listening both harder and easier. The traditional approaches of meeting with individuals and teams in person has not been possible. However, we have found that because people are travelling less, our customers and partners are more available to meet with us virtually.

Specifically on the sales and product enablement side, across the last six months we have enabled over 5,000 partners across our channel. Switching to virtual and on-demand training has allowed us to be more agile and accommodate greater flexibility when our customers and partners are available to attend sessions. We have also moved our customer forums from in-person to online events. Doing so allows us to open our events to a wider audience –five times the number of customers! We can also include partners. Finally, we have participated in virtual events like Microsoft Ignite and VMWorld, to highlight our joint innovation and close go-to-market alliances.

Over the last several months, many organizations have transitioned a significant portion of their workforce to a remote (or home office) environment. What does that transition mean for data protection?

Put simply, this rapid transition put business’s data at risk! The move to remote work has been a necessity. However, given the rapid transition, employees are now working with local copies of sensitive company data that could be lost or corrupted for various reasons – from end user error and hardware issues to malicious attacks like ransomware.

Organizations need to put steps in place to ensure that data on an employee’s remote systems is protected. Data must be as secure as one’s data center applications and systems.

How is Veritas working with Tech Data to help safeguard data across remote networks?

Together with Tech Data we offer a simple solution called Desktop and Laptop Option (DLO). It’s a simple and easy-to-use solution that helps to protect an employee’s desktops and laptops.

We also provide opportunities for customers to leverage these solutions, free for 90 days. This allows them to continue to enable remote working for their employees while guaranteeing that sensitive company information is not exposed.

In a similar vein, what are the key factors that organizations need to keep in mind as the move to cloud also accelerates?

Related to the rapid shift to remote working, organizations have also shifted quickly to using SaaS based applications like Microsoft 365, including for email via Exchange Online and collaboration through Teams. These provide very efficient tools to drive remote collaboration. However, organizations need to understand that SaaS application vendors do not take responsibility for backing up sensitive information now stored in these applications.

For example, if an end user deletes an email, Exchange Online only maintains that item for 14-30 days. After that, the item is no longer recoverable. This is a major issue for companies that have longer retention requirements, and potentially an issue if accidental deletions are not noticed within this short window.

Again, Veritas together with Tech Data can help customers by providing them with Veritas SaaS Backup. This is an SaaS-based service that enables in just a few clicks full protection of M365 with Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Teams and Groups. Veritas SaaS Backup also supports G-Suite, Salesforce and Dynamics 365.

Simon, any parting thoughts you’d like to share?

Last time I ended with a question, “is your customer going through change?” As you probably guessed at the time, this is a rhetorical question. Your customers have gone through massive changes over the last year, and these changes have accelerated moves to cloud and remote collaboration tools.

Prior to these extreme circumstances, organizations were most likely considering digital transformation, but fear of change had stalled them from making a move. Now, with no choice but to transform, we’re seeing that change brings great opportunity. Whether customers are embracing more remote work scenarios or leveraging SaaS applications, they need your help to ensure their critical data remains protected.

In my 20-plus years of experience, whenever and wherever change is happening is when customers need the most support, especially around modernization of their data management and protection approach. That is where, together, Veritas and Tech Data are ready to help!

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Michael Santos is a Project Specialist for Tech Data

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