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Sponsored by HPE:  Tech Data and HPE GreenLake - Delivering On-Demand Consumption with Distinction

Posted by Dena Koklanaris on Feb 4, 2021 7:00:00 AM

At Authority, we love to share stories of success with our readers. And what better way to do so than by spotlighting the partnerships behind Tech Data’s mission of connecting the world with the power of technology. We recently connected with four senior members of Tech Data’s HPE GreenLake business. 

We spoke with Sid Earley, Vice President, Vendor Solutions; Chris Grigoriou, Sr. Manager, National Strategy; Greg Krukonis, Director, Product Marketing; and Bob Weppner, Director, Field Sales. Listen in as they share how Tech Data supports channel partners who want to grow their HPE GreenLake business, while ultimately helping customers simplify IT, cut costs, scale their business and recognize game-changing results.

As you read their takeaways, you’ll find out why George Hope, Worldwide Head of Partner Sales at HPE, has this to say about the success of the Tech Data and HPE partnership: “At HPE, partnership always comes first. We are proud to announce that Tech Data is the first distributor in North America to have HPE-certified HPE GreenLake instructors on staff. We are making significant investments in specialist resources, dedicated enablement and progression to help partners blaze their own trail with HPE GreenLake. As our joint channel partners embark on their as a service transformations and personalize their journeys with us, Tech Data has been at the forefront of this opportunity and an enormous advocate in driving education in this space.”

Sid Earley, on Consumption Model Practice Builders That Drive Success

Tech Data has been involved with consumption solutions with HPE since their original consumption model was released. During this same timeframe, Tech Data has also offered our own consumption programs, like Technology as a Service (TaaS) and Tech Data Cloud Solutions. When HPE introduced HPE GreenLake, Tech Data immediately went all-in, ramping up resources for channel partner training, demand generation, technical support and business operations support. 

In our HPE business, we created a “Lead with Consumption” practice builder, encompassing the key aspects of helping our channel partners develop their HPE GreenLake and consumption business. This practice builder includes modules on developing business goals and strategies, understanding organizational and operational considerations, training and go-to-market – including -specific enablement. We also offer a very innovative and interactive face-to-face simulation, which includes the capability to model a business with and without a consumption-based solution. When able, we look forward to resuming its delivery to our channel partners and their end-customers. We are extremely pleased that these efforts, along with the outstanding, consultative capabilities of our channel partners, has resulted in strong business growth. 

Chris Grigoriou, on Taking a Unique Approach to HPE GreenLake Training and Enablement

With more than half of the overall market share, Tech Data is HPE’s leading value-added distribution partner in North America for HPE GreenLake. We were the first distribution partner to execute on an HPE GreenLake opportunity roughly two years ago and continue to lead in our ability to develop, engage and manage HPE GreenLake opportunities with our valued channel partners from concept to sale.

We’ve been able to accomplish these goals by placing a heavy investment in the enablement of our colleagues, our programs and practices and our proprietary marketing offerings. Our “Hybrid IT and HPE GreenLake” practice builder methodology and “Power Shift” simulation are just two examples of the exclusive programs we’ve developed to accelerate our channel partners’ development and go-to-market strategies for HPE GreenLake.

In addition, Tech Data is the first and only distribution partner to have two certified HPE GreenLake Instructors on staff. As our channel partners transform their businesses to accelerate a practice around HPE GreenLake – and enable their salesforce with the right competencies to do so – engaging our HPE GreenLake Certified Instructors is a differentiator that helps them achieve their goals. Furthermore, our colleagues who carry this certification are program, solution and business development specialists in Hybrid IT and HPE GreenLake. Simply put, this means that they are exceptionally well-rounded assets to our channel partners’ ecosystems.

Greg Krukonis, on Resources Designed for HPE GreenLake Expertise

Tech Data’s key to success has been to find innovative ways for our channel partners to understand all the potential use cases, and to give them access to resources to help them close new business. We provide a variety of ways to communicate that lesson, from unique simulation experiences to on-demand training videos, and now dedicated HPE-certified GreenLake instructors on staff.

One of our most recent on-demand training videos covers how to make the transition to selling Hybrid IT, and how to use the HPE GreenLake Quick Quote tool. It walks new HPE GreenLake channel partners through a user-guided, automated quoting system designed to make HPE GreenLake simple to explain, propose and close for predefined workloads. In enterprise, mid-market and SLED markets, in particular, opportunity with HPE GreenLake is beginning to explode. This positions our channel partners to win deals quickly in these growing markets.

We offer many ways to learn, including Power Shift – a hands-on gaming environment designed to help learners visualize an HPE GreenLake opportunity in a real-world setting. It’s an on-site enablement demonstration and opportunity-closing event designed to demonstrate the value of HPE GreenLake in an immersive, software-simulation experience. The first of two simulation scenarios demonstrate the struggle of solving compounding traditional IT issues without the benefit of flexible capacity. In the second simulation scenario, users experience the difference HPE GreenLake brings to their team and, ultimately, to any organization.

Bob Weppner, on the Benefit of IT-as-a-Service Models and Customer Satisfaction

In the U.S., right now, financial decision makers like CFOs (and executives like CIOs) are facing multiple and competing imperatives at once: they must pay expenses and payroll during what has become an economic downturn. Now more than ever, large IT expenditures simply can’t be financed. That’s where the benefit and beauty of a consumptive model like HPE GreenLake comes in. It allows financial decision makers and CIOs to obtain equipment onsite and pay for it on a usage basis. It allows greater flexibility and growth. And, in doing so, it gives our channel partners and their customers peace of mind.

My team and I have supported a number of success stories. One example we’re particularly proud of is how we applied HPE GreenLake during an upgrade. A channel partner’s customer had a legacy HPE storage platform that was nearing end of life. This particular customer needed a large, on-premises tier one storage upgrade. However, they didn’t have the capital expenditure to conduct a multi-million dollar upgrade. Working together, we helped them acquire the right equipment and install on premises, but finance it in a cloud-like, monthly subscription manner. By applying HPE GreenLake, our channel partner was able to work with their customer’s budget and meet their needs. Additionally, the partnership allowed HPE to close the deal for the end of their fiscal year.

Now, It’s Your Turn

Working with Tech Data, channel partners can be assured that we’re at their side throughout the process. From start to finish, your Tech Data HPE GreenLake team is with you. You get dedicated attention, so that you’re fully able to recognize and act on opportunities with HPE GreenLake. Take the first step. Reach out to the team at HPEGreenLakeUS@techdata.com and start helping your customers put this successful, as-a-service model to work today!

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