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SMB Cloud Adoption: How to Help Smaller Firms Get the Most From IaaS

Posted by Matt Hamilton on Jun 30, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Speed to market is essential to your bottom line, and time is money. The same also applies to your small business/startup customers. Cloud computing has enabled technology partners to set new speed records for installing IT infrastructure and making businesses fully operational. From purchase to final configurations, you could be looking at under an hour. If that isn’t great enough, it makes your proof of concept inexpensive, quick, and mostly painless.

These solutions are entirely flexible and scalable, allowing smaller customers to adapt and expand instantly. You can burst those servers up and down as needed to fit their needs. Paying from a consumption model is nirvana for cash-strapped startups and users who don’t want a large, expensive, and depreciating IT footprint.

Customize IaaS for Startups

A startup company leveraging IaaS for its computing needs can create a server and have it fully functioning within hours, not weeks. The best part is how flexible and scalable this solution is, without additional capital expenses on hardware components that may or may not work. A business can choose to increase or decrease capacity based on seasonality, promotions that are running, or even as the business grows overtime. There’s no physical space needed in the office (or requirements of an actual office space at all with mobile devices) for servers or additional energy costs with cooling, etc.  

A-la-carte IaaS brings a completely new world of offerings and can require extensive hours from engineers to ensure successful deployments. Even though the engineer doesn’t need to touch a server or fight with storage arrays, there can be considerable time investments for a completely custom build. IaaS also raises questions across business processes with its consumption-based billing.  

That’s where an experienced IT solutions provider comes in. Startups need context, understanding, and guidance in using IaaS in the right way. No amount of cost savings can reduce the need for solid decision making when it comes to what a company truly needs when running their business in the cloud.

Understand Where SMBs Start

While small and medium businesses (SMBs) are often unique as it relates to technology needs, these organizations have a tendency to start their journey to the cloud from a common point. IDC’s analysis of the SMB cloud journey found SMBs begin their cloud journeys with either a communication/collaboration service, such as email, or a recovery service, such as data backup, as their first cloud solution. These provide a common foundation across all types of SMBs while allowing additional services to support their niche requirements.

The way SMBs leverage cloud computing to solve problems and accomplish tasks will continue to expand, reshaping how they serve their customers. The extent of that expanded usage is game changing, with cloud computing currently playing a role in 75 percent of small businesses and 95 percent of mid-sized firms.1 

Partner With an Industry Leader

In an effort to make it easier for managed service providers to offer these foundation cloud services to the SMB end users, Tech Data Cloud developed Small Business Cloud Server (SBCS), a designed architecture that makes it easier than ever to deploy email and cloud infrastructure services supporting small business needs. Leveraging Microsoft’s Azure platform and Office 365 collaboration suite delivered via the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, SBCS provides the foundational cloud services that SMBs across market segments are adopting as they start their journeys to the cloud. 

With Tech Data’s pre-architected solution, SBCS is click-to-deploy. This reduces the time your engineers need to spend in building the new environment from scratch. Now the engineer only needs to make things connect, input users, and configure user devices. Final steps are tying in the client’s productivity products to enable the business to operate.   

Tech Data Cloud has a team of specialists that works with partners like you on a daily basis. Whether you’re new to the cloud or an expert, our team is dedicated to helping you succeed on your cloud journey. To speak with a cloud consultant today, call 800-237-8931, ext. 82031.


1IDC, “Worldwide Semiannual Public Cloud Services Spending Guide,” 2016, http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp;jsessionid=CD4054BC379D2561B1359D1BCF84A67C;jsessionid=0E1112C8B43E0D2DD02913B16E52F08C?containerId=US40959316

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