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Power the Cloud: May StreamOne Updates

Posted by Laura Vanassche on May 6, 2016 3:00:00 PM
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Tech Data is making improvements yet again to StreamOne, Tech Data’s cloud marketplace, to enhance your shopping experience. Three exciting functionalities were released across all countries to ensure the global platform performs even more efficiently as you learn, buy and manage your cloud subscription

1. Enhanced Checkout Experience: Purchase all products in cart together – Regardless of Vendor 

This enhancement will allow reseller-provisioned products (where end user info is not required) and end-user provisioned products (end user information is required) to be ordered in the same cart. This exciting new feature gives the StreamOne shopping cart greater flexibility and creates an improved shopping and checkout experience for any combination of products.

2. CSP Checkout Experience: Delegated Admin Rights are Now Live

StreamOne now has functionality to name a “Delegated Administrator” for the Microsoft CSP orders that are placed, which allows users to assign an email that is separate from the main account. The update bypasses the terms and conditions step for end customers, streamlining the overall checkout process. In cases where the reseller wants to be the administrator, the user can now add their email and the reseller will receive the credentials for the order directly. This is a great win for managed service providers!


3. Enhanced Upsell Feature in Digital Locker

To help make Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) even easier, the StreamOne Digital Locker now has functionality to streamline adding select Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) stock keeping units (SKUs) to existing subscriptions! Users can now order add-ons through the digital locker by pressing the “Modify” button (see screenshot below). Resellers only purchase add-ons for the products the customer owns. 


Additionally we’ve implemented a few minor updates to the Digital Locker and Reseller Portal:

  • Partners will now be able to customize the email that is sent to the end user with an email signature, so the email generated from the StreamOne Digital Locker is co-branded.
  • Quotes will now display in the Digital Locker on the “Quotes” tab.
  • We have improved the Reseller Portal so users can see the correct past orders and invoices.

Stay tuned for more updates from Tech Data Cloud and its StreamOne platform. To see more detail regarding all changes, please click below.

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