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Not All Cloud Productivity Requirements Are Created Equal

Posted by Jeff Salanco on Dec 6, 2016 7:56:00 AM

We are passionate about provide IT Solution providers with Access to best in class cloud and managed service technology.  Tech Data Cloud’s portfolio of solutions is built on lasting partnerships with established market leaders and innovative born in cloud vendors.

It’s probably no surprise that security continues to make the Top 10 list of concerns for CIOs, a concern that seems to get exasperated when discussing a move to the cloud. It’s no coincidence that some of our most popular blog posts are focused on security, suggesting that CIOs are not alone. But is the concern really warranted?
For most of us, Microsoft’s cloud productivity suite, Office 365, checks all of the boxes when it comes to a secure, available, powerful set of tools that get the job done. But there are exceptions to the rule.  
There are certain personas that are typical in every managed services use case that require a bit of a special touch when it comes to secure cloud productivity. A few examples are:
  • Executives that are working with confidential data across mobile, desktop and tablet devices
  • Finance departments that need to quickly recover lost data
  • Contractors that require unique sets of permissions and access for a short period of time
These unique scenarios require solutions beyond the off-the-shelf Office 365 suite that increase the level of cloud security and availability to meet needs that are more extreme than the everyday application. This is a great opportunity for managed service providers (MSPs) to step in as IT subject matter experts and proactively drive the security conversation.
At this year’s IT Nation, ConnectWise’s annual partner summit, there was an impassioned cry for managed service providers in attendance to more aggressively tackle the question of security. But a full shift into a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) go-to-market strategy isn’t for everyone. Some partners are better positioned to simply augment their current offerings to deliver the benefits of cloud based office productivity while minimizing cloud security risks.
We have been working with MSPs on ultra-secure productivity, a combination of vendor solutions designed to improve the security and availability of productivity data in the cloud to meet end-user persona types that fit the use type. Different than a full scale MSSP offering, ultra-secure productivity example targets at the user level by providing a solution that meets a personal  need rather than a corporate one.

Interested in seeing how some MSPs are delivering scalable ultra-secure cloud productivity solutions?

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