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ISV Solutions Series: How Microsoft Office 365 and Akumina can power your MSP services

Posted by Jeremy Singh on Sep 1, 2016 5:03:46 PM

Organizations of all sizes are using Microsoft Office 365 (Office 365) to power their websites. It’s such a hot topic that Microsoft just did a webinar about it.

 Office 365 includes much more than just email. Through Office 365, content management platforms can access the information that is the lifeblood of a business and use it to build a website. How do your customers make the leap from Office 365 as a best-in-class productivity Software-as-a-Service (Saas) application to taking on the role of being the foundation for a website? The answer is simple: decoupling.

 Office 365 houses your customers’ data, giving you access to developers either through your network or your organization. What if those developers could EASILY code out a project that leveraged the data in Office 365 for the backend of a website?

This is how Akumina’s InterChange Content Management Platform has helped Microsoft customers to decouple and develop sites for internal and external audiences in a cost-effective manner.  Akumina’s platform transforms and delivers data from Office 365 through a decoupled, multitier architecture. This is only part of the equation—empowerment is arguably just as important. Akumina’s solutions also come with a mobile-friendly content management interface, which empowers users to take control of content creation and management by leveraging the data and intelligence available in Office365. 

 Speaking of empowerment, Tech Data Cloud has a team of more than 30 Microsoft Cloud specialists who can provide the tools, training and resources solution providers need to start selling Office 365, SharePoint and Akumina to their end-user customers.

 Rather than just promoting solutions and providing quotes, the team specializes in educating and enabling solution providers by offering access to trainings, webinars and workshops for customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS).

 Are you ready to get started? Contact the Tech Data Cloud team at 1-800-327-8931 ext. 82031, or email us at microsoft@techdata.com for a consultation. Let us help you decide how to best leverage Microsoft’s cloud offerings for your business!

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