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Enhancing Business Outcomes With End-To-End Assessments

Posted by Ally Azzarelli on Oct 4, 2017 12:00:00 PM

Whether you’re looking to foster existing customer relationships or seek new conversation-starters for prospects, consider tapping into assessments. Sure, assessments are an easy way to upsell and push inventory, but it’s important to think “big picture.” Assessments are key when it comes to enhancing your overall business outcomes. When thinking about analyzing their organizations’ network security, cloud, mobility, data center, IoT or “all of the above” – here’s what assessments can do for both you and your customers.

How Assessments Benefit You

Performing assessments—usually as a complimentary, no-risk, value-added service—delivers proof of concept or value and is ideal when looking to showcase or promote solutions. The results can also help prepare you for any unknowns or surprises ahead. For example, is your customer ready or equipped for what you’d like to offer? Are you properly staffed, certified and trained in whatever it is you may discover? This is especially important for your newer clients or dormant accounts.

Additionally, assessments help you:

  • Transform Your Business – before even providing assessments, you’ll need to know your company’s limitations. Is your staff cloud certified? Is it time to rethink your strategy for clients requesting IoT-focused solutions?
  • Gain Better Insight – analyzing and evaluating your customers’ overall IT environment makes it easier to decide which products and services they can actually handle. Are they cloud ready? What type of storage would best suit them?
  • Build Trust – every assessment is an instant learning experience for your customers, as they’re now looking to you for answers, suggestions and solutions.
  • Create Recurring Revenue Streams – by offering a variety of ongoing assessments, you’re able to continue assisting your clients with services, solutions and products designed to protect their ROI. Do they need additional memory? What’s happening on their network?

How Assessments Benefit Your Customer

From discovering network vulnerabilities to faulty cabling or wiring to storage needs ­– assessments give your customers full visibility into their organizations’ IT infrastructure. Positive outcomes for your customers can range from something as simple as energy conservation to as vital as keeping their doors open for business.

Assessments can also help your customers:

  • Reduce Costs– results can indicate ways to increase productivity, minimize the number of service calls and cut back on heating and cooling costs.
  • Rethink IT Staffing – a detailed analysis of their technology helps organization reevaluate their IT staff, budgets and more. Do they have the skilled/trained/certified experts required to upgrade, modernize or repair dated or flawed IT on their own?
  • Receive Customized Solutions – a deeper dive into their infrastructure protects customers from possibly purchasing the technology that may not be the best fit for their needs, company size, etc.

Get Started

Relatively hassle-free, assessments span from two days (a wireless/mobile assessment) to two weeks (security or cloud). Some can be performed virtually/remotely, while others are done on-site. Designed to prevent downtime, assessments typically work in the background. Another bonus—depending on the vendor, partnership programs, and/or certification levels—many assessment tools are offered at no cost to you.

From cloud-readiness to network security to optimizing wireless coverage and performance, Tech Data is here to help you grow and enhance your business through assessments. We offer an array of vendor-specific and cross platform support, enablement and education training, incentives and more. 

For questions about security assessments, contact our security team. For cloud, contact our cloud team. For IoT consults, contact the IoT team, for data center assessments, email james.russelliii@techdata.com, and for mobile solutions, click here.

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