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Delivering Business Outcomes with Click-to-Run Solutions

Posted by Rachel Acuna on Apr 3, 2019 4:55:32 PM

The following article is being reposted with permission from the author and Tech Data’s Cloud Solutions team. More information about Tech Data’s cloud solutions and services can be found at techdatacloud.com.

Over time some channel partners and even vendors have moved from a product orientation, to a customer-outcome orientation when it comes to their engagement or sales methodology.Instead of focusing around technical capabilities a product provides, they focus on the customer and the business challenges they are trying to overcome.

Adopting a customer-first mindset or an outcome-based sales approach, may have its implications, but it is much more effective at accelerating the sales process. Ultimately, building long-term relationships, based on delivering business value, is more effective than short-term business transactions. 

In this new sales approach, partners need to shift from selling product features and functions to focusing on the value a solution delivers to their customer. But it’s not always as easy to embrace change; and when it comes to solutions, it’s not always easy to find one that help can to overcome a problem. Often times partners end up having to work with multiple vendors in order to deliver an end-to-end solution. “It’s not that difficult,” said no one ever!

Some vendors aren’t as easy to manage, configure or even deploy.  Many products or services require advanced technical knowledge, certifications or other resources that not all channel partners have the ability to invest in.  Now imagine managing these challenges with a solutions that requires multiple vendors.

Cloud technology is complex enough, and it’s clear that configuring or deploying it, is a lot more challenging and lengthy process.  As a way of simplifying cloud technology for our partners, we have developed a suite of pre-configured, click-to-run solutions across multiple practice areas such as core infrastructure, application innovation, data protection, and advanced practices like IOT and analytics. 

All solutions leverage leading cloud providers such as Azure, AWS, or best in class ISVs or software vendors like NetApp, Veeam, Veritas; and then aggregate additional solution components, third party licensing and services.

Through these solutions, we help our partners increase agility and speed to market, not to mention cutting down configuration and deployment time by 75 percent.

Built to Solve your Customers’ Biggest Problems

All of our solutions’ proof of concepts have been scoped and designed to solve for an end-user business challenge such as improving employee performance and efficiency, managing data compliancy, having a reliable IT foundation, to cost-effective app scalability and many more. Our highly-tested solutions offer partners:

  • A validated solution architecture
  • Monitoring throughout
  • The ability to perform self-healing as needed, without manual processes

You can rest assured your customers will receive the results they need faster, risk-free and right-sized to their needs.

Finding the right solution doesn’t have to be difficult. Visit our Tech Data Cloud Solutions page to find solutions that best match with your customers’ desired outcome or to learn how our solutions can help to drive new opportunities.

About the Author

Raquel Acuna is a solutions consultant at Tech Data. Currently, she focuses on go-to-market  strategy for the Cloud Solutions Factory. Prior to this role, she spent eight years on the Tech Data Cisco Team, leading Cisco's go-to-market strategy for all of its architectures and solutions. Raquel has served in various roles within the organization such as sales, operations, training, business development and marketing. She is excited about all of the opportunities cloud technology brings for the partners, and how new technologies are also transforming the world.

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