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Common Misconceptions About Selling CRM Online (CRMOL)

Posted by Laura Vanassche on Apr 19, 2016 8:30:00 AM
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A little over a year ago, Microsoft released its cloud version of Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (Dynamics CRM)—CRM Online (CRMOL)—to the IT channel. CRMOL is expected to be the CRM solution for all SMB customers. Since the on-premise version is a highly specialized niche offering, Microsoft released the “lite” version of its Dynamic product in the hopes of making the sale, implementation and marketing of CRM easier for its channel partners. Tech Data’s Microsoft marketing team has run several campaigns to encourage partners to sell CRMOL, and we have heard many reasons why customers believe they can’t sell the product.

We understand where these objections come from since CRMOL carries a similar product name to the Dynamics CRM (on-premise version). It’s our job to make Microsoft simpler for you, so here are the three most common misconceptions we hear about CRMOL.  

  1. “I need to have a certified engineer to be authorized to sell this.”: This is correct with Dynamics CRM (on-premise). This is not the case with CRMOL. CRMOL is currently transacted through CSP or Open program—neither of which requires an authorization or certification to transact.
  2. “I need to have a ‘dedicated practice’ or business unit, and I am not currently looking to add this.”: With CRMOL, you may consider this option, but it’s not necessary! You can simply fulfill existing customer orders as they make requests. If you don’t offer CRM, your competitor will. The other way to take advantage of a new revenue stream and profit source is to sell more to your existing customer base. Any customers currently using Office 365 should consider CRMOL. It integrates seamlessly for optimal productivity.
  1. “I need to have a specialist to customize and deploy CRMOL for my clients.”: This could be true as the “lite” version is not overly simple. What if we told you there was a tool, which we’ll talk about below, that could take the place of a specialist?

So now that you know the three common objections we hear about CRMOL, here are three reasons why you should consider selling the product:

  1. Revenue and Profitability

CRMOL is a high-revenue cloud service with high profitability—CRMOL costs about $65/seat/month and has an attractive profit margin. Microsoft has many incentives behind the product to make it lucrative for you. Are you tasked with an impossible growth number, or maybe you’re looking to drive up profitability? Tap into this new line of business within your existing base, and upsell your current Office 365 clients to include CRMOL. Your average 50-seat deal would bring an additional $3250 in monthly revenue (or $39,000 per year). Check out the latest CRMOL incentives here on Ready to Go.

  1. Easy-to-use tools—and additional revenue and profit—to make you the expert

There are tools and other partners to help you. Remember when we said you don’t need a specialist to deploy? Enter RapidStart CRM, a fully supported tool that will help you deploy CRMOL into the customer’s environment with a simple user interface. The tool is an easy one-time purchase, though it does not include CRMOL licenses, and the experts at RapidStart CRM are available to walk you through the entire process. RapidStart CRM is a one-time fee for your customer or you can amortize over time and build it into your monthly service fee – your choice. To learn more, check out their listing in the Tech Data Cloud Solutions Store.

  1. Set it and forget it

Once your clients are up and running, enjoy the monthly recurring revenue as you support and service their networks on a continual basis. Now you can manage the customer lifecycle and assist your clients with additional tips and tricks to make the most of CRMOL for their business.

About the Author

Laura Vanassche is currently a Marketing Strategist for Tech Data, where she helps cloud and software partners in the IT channel access vendor and distribution resources. For more information about Tech Data, visit www.TechData.com Connect with Laura here: @lvanassc | www.linkedin.com/in/lvanassche

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