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Cloud Marketing 101: Mapping the Customer Journey

Posted by Laura Vanassche on May 26, 2016 12:14:42 PM
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Do you feel that you should be marketing and promoting your company’s service offerings? Have you taken all the necessary steps to get started? Managed service providers (MSPs) don’t have to be marketing experts, but marketing is a necessary component to running a sustainable business with a consistent stream of new customer prospects. As a business owner, you want to be cost effective, and provide a positive customer experience to new prospects—and marketing is the key.

How to be successful:

  • A message that cuts through the noise
  • A seamless customer experience throughout the prospect to client process
  • Be sure your digital tools work for you, including your website and Google search results
  • A dedicated resource for marketing campaigns and incoming leads

Start your marketing efforts putting yourself in your prospect’s shoes:

Betty runs a law office with 10 employees in West Palm Beach, Florida. She is not particularly computer savvy, but she knows how to use basic applications to get the job done. Betty can also print and run a photo copier, but when it comes to troubleshooting both machines, Betty needs assistance.

On Monday afternoon, the printer at Betty’s office is not working. She and her team are under a project deadline and they need to complete a print job. Betty decides it’s time to call in the experts, and she searches Google to find an IT service provider in West Palm Beach. She clicks the first few companies that appear on the list, a product of good search engine optimization (SEO). To help her make a decision, she also looks at peer reviews and the information on each company’s website. The third company whose website Betty reviews, WPB Tech Services, has information on law firms. The company specializes in application support for software that attorneys use, as well as printer and computer network services. This sounds like a perfect fit! Betty then searches reviews on WPB Tech Services, and overall, the reviews appear to be positive with no red flags to consider. Betty decides to use the contact form on the company’s website with a note that she needs assistance as soon as possible.

Within 30 minutes of submitting the online form Betty’s phone rings. WPB Tech Services send someone to Betty to fix the issue immediately. The sales representative discusses Betty’s IT needs and develops a relationship with Betty’s law firm. She hires the company to help with ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the office equipment. The representative takes Betty through the entire onboarding experience, and is also her go-to contact when she needs assistance with her office equipment, which makes Betty a happy new customer.

After reading this story, you may be thinking that Betty made her entire decision based on a Google search and website reviews. The company didn’t meet face-to-face before making the pitch, and Betty never even picked up the phone to make contact. Google and the company’s website did all the work. As an MSP, your website needs to work for you and not against you. The WPB Tech Services representative was eventually able to sell Betty on additional services, but it came after her urgent printer issue was resolved.

Now it’s your turn. Go through the steps that Betty went through with your company. Review your website and see how it compares to your competitors websites. Which would you choose if you were Betty?

To help you enhance your site, include a statement on why a customer should choose your company and service offerings. Additionally,  download the Analyze and Asses Checklist to jump-start your next steps. This will help you understand if you should start promoting your brand. If you’re not ready, take time to get your website, business and resources ready for promoting—otherwise you may be losing prospects before you even know you have them.

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About the Author

Laura Vanassche is currently a Marketing Strategist for Tech Data, where she helps cloud and software partners in the IT channel access vendor and distribution resources. For more information about Tech Data, visit www.TechData.com Connect with Laura here: @lvanassc | www.linkedin.com/in/lvanassche

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