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Cloud Computing as the Ultimate Connector

Posted by Stacy Nethercoat on Dec 8, 2016 8:05:00 AM
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Last year, Salesforce.com UK did a post on the 10 Benefits of Cloud Computing that put forward various reasons as to why small business end users are making the move to cloud. While flexibility made the top of their list, I think that connectivity is just as important.

Cloud computing is the ultimate platform for connections; when implemented properly, it drives access, collaboration, and insight into knowledge for users and machines. These connections make cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) the perfect solution match.

"How IT Providers Can Start Preparing to the Implemention IoT Solutions"

Similar to how the cloud has transformed the way organizations access technology today, IoT is next in line to boost access to data. Businesses will be able to collect data insights throughout the entire data lifecycle. For example, IoT and cloud allow access from manufacturing centers to notify the transportation network that moves the product to the smart cash register for the final transaction. By aggregating and analyzing this data in the cloud, IoT will make businesses smarter, more effective and more profitable.
While IT solution providers understand the core technology that underpins “IoT + Cloud” solutions, they continue to increase their comfort level with some of the specialized software and sensor technologies.
The challenge? Most solution providers lack an IoT specific go-to-market strategy. Many partners are treating IoT and cloud solutions as simple additions to their line card instead of understanding the unique qualities inherent to these types of solutions. Before a partner starts an IoT implementation journey, there are key go-to-market decisions that need to be made.

"Which IoT vertical is your most logical starting point?"

Start IoT Smart. Certain verticals are ready for IoT + Cloud solutions—such as manufacturing, logistics, and retail, just to name a few. Manufacturing provides a good example of the opportunity within the IoT + Cloud space. Although over 30 percent of factories are in some way connected via sensor technology or automation, less than one percent of the data produced is currently used.  

"How will you construct a value proposition that delivers unique value to IoT markets?"

Find Your Niche. Seamless integration and interoperability are the keys to success in IoT deployment. By working with IoT experts, partners can start identifying unique IoT opportunities and exploring its true value within data analytics. 

"What key activities, resources and partnerships will you need to flourish with IoT?"

Take Total Stock. Partners need to make an honest assessment as to whether or not their role in the IoT market segment is project-based solutions or managed services-based solutions. This decision is extremely important as part of the go-to-market strategy due to the potential investment implications. These can be related to specialized organizational resources, systems or processes that are required to efficiently manage, support and bill the unique IoT offerings.
Seek consultation from IoT experts, like Tech Data’s Smart IoT Solutions team, who can show you the market opportunities for IoT in manufacturing, transportation, retail and smart spaces. These experts can help you create an evolution plan to fit your business needs, simplify your expansion and increase your speed to market. With the support of the cloud, IoT vendors aren’t just selling infrastructure, they’re selling outcomes such as energy as a service to businesses. With IoT cloud services on the horizon, businesses can expect to gain much more valuable insights from each stage of the supply chain lifecycle.  
Learn how you can partner with Tech Data to seize your IoT opportunity—connect with the team to get started.

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