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Case Study: How One Firm Leveraged the Cloud for Growth and Customer Satisfaction

Posted by Raquel Acuna on Jun 28, 2017 2:52:20 PM
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One of the biggest frustrations managed service providers (MSPs) have is when a customer is resistant to integrating new and more effective technologies into their business strategy. We know of one MSP in particular that overcame this challenge by leveraging a unique set of cloud computing solutions. Here’s their story: 

Pharmica Consulting, a cloud and managed services reseller based out of Oak Ridge, NJ, had a customer that constantly missed deadlines due to poor systems and infrastructure, adversely affecting customer experience. “There were five different applications, five different clicks, and an ongoing increase in user frustration,” said Matt Kiernan, President of Pharmica. “It just wasn’t simple, and the applications were not integrated into a single interface.”

This was costing the customer millions of dollars because they just weren’t able to produce at the rate necessary. Pharmica started where any MSP would. They took an in-depth look at the pain points of the customer to understand the business and then to understand the supporting IT solutions around the overall business needs. They found the customer had difficulty pulling data, a lack of reporting tools, and a fragmented end-user experience in through their existing systems.

This meant that Pharmica’s customer was sending reports through email with large Excel attachments, clogging servers. The customer was also using multiple applications to accomplish simple tasks.

The Solution: User Adoption of Customized Cloud-Based Systems

These challenges and key factors inspired the consultants at Pharmica to look into different analytics tools and products.

User Adoption: One specific aspect that truly influenced them was that the success of a new product or solution ultimately comes back to user adoption. Pharmica was confident that if they leveraged a product that employees and customers were familiar with, it would help to drive adoption faster and help them to increase sales.

Customized Solution: Pharmica decided to use Intrinsic, a customized, cloud-based solution, to assist the customer. Intrinsic is the world’s first Clinical Trial Management System built on Microsoft Dynamics, Azure, Office 365, and incorporates other cloud-based applications for data analytics, such as Tableau and PowerBi.

Powerful Security: Additionally, through these products, their customer can also take advantage of advanced security protection capabilities through Azure Active Directory. Often times, their clients are asking for multifactor authentication in order to prevent unauthorized access, which then allows for an additional level of authentication. To protect their client’s business and mitigate potential threats, they used security monitoring, alerts, and machine learning reports to identify inconsistent access patterns.

Win-Win: Solid Results for the MSP and Their Customers

By leveraging cloud-based products as the core of their solution, and creating a unique offering for their pharmaceutical clients, Pharmica Consulting has been able to achieve industry-authority status. Now they’re attracting new clients and increasing their sales. However, their biggest ROI in their eyes is the satisfaction of their customers, because their customers can now accomplish their business and IT objectives through a clean, simple, and open user-centric interface.

“These are great products, and not many people are familiar with them. Cloud products like these enable businesses to streamline processes, increase productivity, as well as profitability,” mentioned Nicholas Lagrotta, Consultant at Pharmica Consulting. “When analyzing data, tracking customer interactions, revenue, and so much more simultaneously, you need a powerful customer relationship management platform to bring all these functions together in one place.”

On their road to success, Pharmica partnered with the Tech Data Cloud team to learn more about licensing products and getting support as they developed their solutions. Working in conjunction with our cloud strategists and technical resources team, they were able to benefit from onboarding opportunities, enablement programs, and training programs. 

Jump on the cloud-computing wagon and enjoy the road to success. Contact our Tech Data Cloud team today and let us help you build or grow a profitable cloud practice. You can reach us at tdcloud@techdata.com or 800-237-893, ext. 82031.

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