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5 Ted Talks Every MSP Should Watch

Posted by Jeff Salanco on Jul 26, 2017 10:00:00 AM

The managed services market is more competitive than ever before. Automation of activities and standardization of technologies offered are accelerating commoditization. This commoditization is driving price competition and putting a squeeze on margins. But not for everyone.

Companies that are leveraging the underpinnings of a managed services framework to deliver innovative services are finding interesting niches in a crowded market. Driving value aligned with high-growth technology areas, including cloud are resulting in incredible success stories for a select group of MSPs. How are they doing it?

To provide some insight into the concepts and methodologies available to MSPs that are looking to break free of the commoditization trap, we’ve compiled five Ted Talks that explore ideas that drive business innovation.

Building a Resilient Business

Start with a vision, one that imagines a managed services business that’s built to last. In an ultra-competitive market, being able to create a business that can stand the test of time is no small feat. In Martin Reeves’s Ted Talk “How to Build a Business that lasts 100 years” he equates the human immune system to a business strategy that's focused on the long term.  

Looking at Data Differently

MSPs love data. They run their businesses on it. It’s foundational to automation and their survival. But many MSPs fail to put this data to work as part of a growth strategy. In David McCandless’ talk “The Beauty of Data Visualization” we see how by taking a more visual approach to data, we can expose ourselves to new knowledge and ideas. An MSP’s data can be a gold mine of innovation.

Extracting Value

MSPs are nothing if not resourceful. But often times they’re hampered by limited resources to support ever-increasing demands. So how can an MSP drive differentiation via innovation on a shoestring “R&D” budget? Navi Radjou shares with viewers his take on “Jugaad” as a means to drive incredible business value with a lot of ingenuity and minimal investment. 

Smart Failure

When you are driving innovative solutions, the chance of failure (or “learning”) increases dramatically. Bad learning can put an MSP out of business, but smart failure can pave a path to new revenue streams and explosive growth. In Eddie Obeng’s talk on smart failure, we gain insight into the acceleration of everything around us and how we can better deal with a changing world.  

Getting the Word Out

Marketing gets a bad rap, but everyone believes in science. In Dan Cobley’s talk, “What Physics Taught Me About Marketing” we’re exposed to important underpinnings of marketing and branding. MSPs can better share their innovations with the world and not feel so dirty about it.

These videos are meant to encourage exploration by acting as a starting point for innovation. Stringing together the ideas, concepts, and processes outlined in these talks can provide an MSP with the foundation to drive incredible value through differentiation.

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