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5 Microsoft Azure How-To Videos Your Engineers Should Leverage

Posted by Jeff Salanco on Dec 13, 2016 7:25:00 AM

If your organization is considering Azure as a tool to drive innovation & deliver growth, then here are The Top 5 How-To Videos Every Technical Engineer Should Watch!


Best MSP Go-To-Market Practices 

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

On a daily basis, we are asked by IT solution providers if we can help them chart a course to a profitable go-to-market strategy that leverages the power of the Azure platform for better technology that solves problems for their customers.  And we are more than happy to help!  Working with solution providers to understand how to better access, power, and master the cloud is essential to what we do every day. 
The good news about Azure is that it leverages many of the in-house skills a managed service provider (MSP) already has.  A combination of familiar standards, protocols and popular languages (REST, XML, Java, Ruby, etc) are used to build applications that scale up and down. But not unlike many other more complex technology offerings, the technical resources have to develop a baseline of institutional knowledge to support the go-to-market on Azure.
Where our partners have gaps, we step up with resources for partners that help them realize the potential Azure has to drive business solutions. We also understand that we don’t have ALL of the answers within our four walls.
As a result, we’ve pulled together five videos from others in the channel that we think help to build a foundation, allowing your organization to position Azure as a tool for innovation from a technical standpoint:

Application Development (Apps)

While SQL has been around for a while, so much innovation can be captured via application development. Peter Thorsteinson has good videos across various Microsoft technologies, and his SQL in Azure provides a good baseline. His starter video in the series helps with a basic SQL app creation in Azure, starting at the beginning and building across multiple videos.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Exploration of the IoT opportunity with a view into Azure IoT Suite and Hub.  Integrating information and analytics into business apps that support data-driven decision processes is the focus of this video. It provides a couple of examples to illustrate  how your technicians can leverage open source SDKs to implement IoT connect/monitoring capabilities.

Secure Mobility

Access control is a critical component to any organization’s mobility strategy. Management via VPN and Gateways are longer sufficient given the expansion of SaaS apps and cloud services. In this video from Ignite, your team can learn how to leverage Azure AD and Microsoft Intune to up-level security for hybrid environments.

Big Data 

Data growth is showing no sign of letting up. And while storing and protecting data is critical, the point of innovation is extracting insight from the mounds of information. Azure HD Insight and Hadoop provide a platform to do just that. This video provides an end-to-end example showing your team how to load data to the persistent Azure blob store, cleanse data with Pig, add structure with Hive, orchestrate workflows with Oozie, and gain insights via Excel. 

& finally . . .


A Heap Of Microsoft Azure Stuff!

Troy Hunt’s creatively titled “The world’s greatest Azure demo” is a cram session from someone who delivers a lot of demos on Azure. 
He covers all topics from the Azure world including websites, virtual machines and SQL.
These are just a few that we really enjoyed, but there still remains an incredible library of resources available via Microsoft MSDN, Channel 9, MVA, and various third-party sites including PickATutorial
Still trying to figure out if Microsoft Azure is right for your organization? 

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