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4 Steps MSPs are Taking to Master the Cloud

Posted by Richard Parker on Jan 3, 2017 10:51:27 AM
The opportunity for IT solution providers in the Cloud is huge, resulting in the expected total public IT Cloud spend to pass the $100B mark in 2017 (IDC).  So it probably comes as no surprise that a bit of business transformation is required for a managed service provider (MSP) to capture their share of the exploding Tech Sector know as Cloud.The Cloud Tech opportunity is different than other new opportunities that IT solution providers have been presented with in the past—the opportunity in Cloud Tech is one that spans the entire business and impacts every department. So the enablement tools, processes and resources required to support the transformation are beyond the normal slate of technical certifications. And that transformation process starts with the owner.

Take the following steps to master the Cloud:

Current State:  To get where you are going, you have to know where you currently stand. First, each MSP should make an assessment of their current cloud capabilities. The ability to quickly understand the required roles/processes/technologies, existing capabilities, and the gap between the two forms the basis for a cloud specific go-to-market strategy.

Cloud for All:  MSPs that understand the Cloud are able to arm areas of the organization—not typically exposed to technology training— to Cloud 101 materials  that position members across the team with a basic understanding of the what, why and how behind the opportunity.

Amassing Certs:  Technical resources are usually on the cutting edge when it comes to shifts in technology. They live, sleep, and breath new technology. As the movement to the Cloud arises, new technologies emerge with it (i.e. Microsoft Azure), and the lists of targeted certifications expand. Great MSPs are placing importance on certifications that are as aggressive as the ever changing trends. In order to build out technical competency on solutions that fit their market niche, they are investing in the workshops, training materials, and testing out their technology needed to stay ahead of the game.

Supporting the Funnel:  In order for the MSPs to feel confident in their sales representatives, they need to enhance the level of interest in trainings. Typically, a sales representative is less interested in trainings than their technical counterpart. The key here is addressing motivation and retention. In order for MSPs to engage and equip their sales team with the knowledge they need, they need to provide adopted models with important information  through fun (relatively speaking) courses and incentives for completion. 

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