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Destination Cloud: The Federal, state, local and education (SLED) Cloud Journey

Posted by Milo Speranzo on Nov 1, 2016 12:23:53 PM
cloud adoption

Government agencies and institutions are taking a road trip to the cloud but who has the map?

Government agencies and institutions, including:
• Police stations;
• State colleges;
• Our nation’s capital;
• Federal, state and local agencies; and
• Higher education institutions
are buried by regulations, pressed by tight budgets and limited by legacy systems. To bypass these issues, many are taking a detour and heading to the cloud.

But how do these agencies and institutions determine the best route – who is in the driver seat and who has the map? Where does their journey start and which applications are buckled up and ready for the ride?

Business opportunities available as government cloud adoption spending picks up

In MeriTalk’s Destination Cloud report, underwritten by Avnet Government Solutions and NetApp, 300 Federal, state, local and education (SLED) cloud adopters revealed their cloud strategies and identified their most critical cloud-ready applications – all with the goal of navigating their journey to the cloud smoothly.

What were the results? 82 percent of cloud adopters say their agency/institution will increase spending on cloud computing in 2017. And, cloud adopters plan to nearly double their cloud use in the next five years – from 35 percent of applications up to 60 percent. It’s clear they’re picking up speed.

Government agencies and institutions know cloud types, but are missing some key migration steps

The study found that many cloud adopters are selecting private cloud over public clouds for apps that handle sensitive information or that are highly specialized. While the benefits of using public cloud are clear, such as cost savings and speed of development, 95 percent also see drawbacks, such as security/privacy concerns and reliability concerns.

Cloud adopters are also missing critical mile markers – time for the GPS to course correct. When it comes to preparing for cloud migration, fewer than half of government cloud adopters develop a cost model (46 percent) or prepare their workforce for the transition (45 percent). That’s like preparing for a road trip without gas, money or snacks.

They’re also facing pit stops along the way – cloud adopters say several apps, including email, are still in need of updating before they can be fully moved to the cloud. This is where an integrated cloud roadmap can come in handy.

Creating a cloud roadmap that can fit needs and requirements for Federal and beyond

Sounds like cloud adopters need to ask for directions, right? Federal, state/local, and higher education cloud adopters recommend taking steps to prepare the workforce and establish trust with cloud providers – helping them to answer questions like, which cloud offering makes the most sense? Today’s Federal and SLED cloud adopters lean toward private cloud, but is it right for everyone on the road?

With respondents planning to nearly double their cloud adoption over the next five years, agencies and institutions must prepare for this shift by addressing their cloud goals, identifying the most critical cloud-ready apps and developing appropriate cost models to ensure a smooth and traffic-free journey.

To prep yourself and your passengers, download the full report and register to watch a replay of our October 20th webinar. Hear from Avnet Government Solutions and NetApp subject matter experts about how cloud adopters are prioritizing their goals, the pros and cons of the public cloud versus the private cloud and steps agencies and institutions are taking to prepare for their cloud migration. Which way does your cloud compass point?

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