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Tis the Season to Slide into SLED

Posted by Milo Speranzo on Sep 27, 2016 2:23:44 PM

cloud-computing-governmentIn my recent posts, I’ve focused on initiatives in the Federal space and steps Avnet Government Solutions is taking to protect Uncle Sam’s goods. As summer wraps up I wanted to drill down on the other side of the public sector. Last month we attended XChange SLED University and then road tripped to the Sunshine State for NASCIO a couple weeks ago. The state, local and education (SLED) industry provides a lot of white space and the time to capitalize is now. But first, let’s take a closer look at what SLED organizations are doing to shake things up.

Is SLED ready for the cloud? Yes!!

Budgets for education institutions are tight and systems are siloed between departments and branch campuses. It’s an uphill battle.

As the purse strings draw tighter, SLED decision makers need to consider newer technologies such as cloud computing to better control costs. You’ve heard the old song and dance: organizations need to do more with less, and SLED organizations are no exception. Migrating to the cloud is often the answer – and more than 80 percent of CIOs report that their state is considering or moving to the cloud.

Whether it’s your child’s elementary school or your alma mater, education institutions seek to simplify their IT environments and reduce ongoing IT costs. And at the state and local level, most agencies are in the evaluation stage of moving to the cloud – and are committing to considering cloud computing as a viable and potentially preferable alternative to legacy IT environments that no longer do the trick.

SLED organizations are getting analytical

Another pain point across SLED is learning to analyze new and growing data sources to improve decision making, as well as identifying patterns and potential solutions.

For example, education institutions are leveraging analytics to identify student obstacles and address their needs. By understanding this data, they’re able to identify a freshman at risk of dropping out and can alert the student’s advisor to intervene and provide appropriate counsel. This, in turn, not only aids in student engagement but helps institutions boost student retention.

State and local government is using data analytics to measure and improve the performance of city government. For example, cities are increasing their use of data analytics to measure and improve performance. Denver, Jacksonville and Phoenix have launched programs that sift through data sets to find patterns that can lead to better governance decisions.

Safety is and will always be a top SLED concern

Security is top of mind – from sea to shining sea. In the Federal government, a cybersecurity framework is in place to keep our nation’s data secure. But how are state and local governments battening down the hatches? Now is the time for SLED to put careful consideration into creating a unifying approach to cybersecurity at a more micro-level as they’re at risk of cyber-attacks given their connection to larger networks and systems.

SLED organizations are prime targets for hackers. Education institutions, in particular, need to juggle the challenge of keeping their information safe and secure while providing access to students across branch campuses and enabling collaboration. Similarly, state and local agencies must balance providing expanded access to services for constituents and officials while ensuring the data shared through this access is secure and remains in the right hands.

Seize the SLED opportunity

Cloud, data and security are only a few of the major SLED market trends and drivers. Avnet Government Solutions is jumping into the arena full force to provide SLED organizations with affordable and flexible resources, alliances and expertise. To learn more about each of these initiatives and how Avnet Government Solutions can help you, please contact your Avnet Government Solutions Development Manager today.

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