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When Outsourcing Your Data Center Makes Sense

Posted by Tim FitzGerald on Nov 11, 2014 12:25:55 PM

With large organizations such as Microsoft and Google seemingly popping up a new multi-million dollar data center each day, there’s no doubt that the demand for data storage is driving data center facility growth--- and there’s no sign of slowing down either. But when you’re not Microsoft or Google, or don’t have a budget or the resources even close, how are you expected to build and manage your own data center?

You’re not. Well, you don’t have to. With cost savings at the forefront of every organization’s core, colocation services provide the option for partners to move their company owned hardware and software to outsourced, high-tech realty data center space – at a small fraction of the price. With colocation, companies own and use their own equipment, as well as the responsibility of maintaining it, but they share the costs of data center space, power, cooling and communications.

But colocation provides more than just the rental space in a data center. According to a recent blog by CenturyLink Technology Solutions, “Your Next Data Center: Build or Buy?” colocation allows organizations that may not have the resources or IT staff to manage a data center, the opportunity to leverage the years of experience and expertise of a service provider whose core business is designing, building, and running high-availability data centers. This allows the business to take the daily data center management off the plate of their internal staff and enables them to shift IT resources from maintenance activities toward innovation and business impacting activities.

Colocation provides the data center space and the experienced service provider data center knowledge at a fraction of the price of building a data center from the floor up. But is colocation the right option financially for every partner? Not always. With this tool, created by CenturyLink, partners can enter their company’s information and get a personalized cost savings analysis and a detailed report including a 10 year build vs. colocation cost comparison.

Click the image below, or here, to access the tool.


Based on the specific requirements of an organization, colocation services can offer alternatives to the traditional in-house data center. Test the tool today and see if outsourcing your data center makes sense.

For more information on Colo-plus with CenturyLink, visit Avnet's Cloud Offerings page.

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