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Cloud Trends VARs Can't Ignore

Posted by Tim FitzGerald on Aug 7, 2014 2:12:44 PM

You can’t read the news without hearing about the accelerating rate of growth in cloud solutions. Cloud solutions have proven that they are a technology that is here to stay as enterprise customers are moving to cloud solutions outside of their datacenters faster than ever, and not only that, more recently, enterprise customer’s rate of consumption of cloud solutions has also accelerated by most analyst reports.

Soon enough, Hybrid & Public cloud solutions will represent the preferred deployment model for clients.

The predominant deployment model for cloud solutions in the past has been private and largely within the end customer’s own datacenter. But today, the rate of growth is faster for public cloud.  As customer knowledge of the benefits of cloud has grown, more workloads have been deployed outside the customer’s datacenter and sophistication of a hybrid datacenter deployment model has accelerated.

VARs are losing cloud solutions business due to a lack of a successful web presence.

Much like each of us as consumers, customers are searching the web for solutions to their business challenges, and they’re looking for cloud solutions.  End-users now have the ability to find all of the information on cloud solutions via web search. So as they migrate to the cloud, they are looking for solutions online, but plenty of VARs have little or no web presence regarding their specific services and offerings and they will not be included as potential providers.

Different than in years past, customers are expecting to search and find details on the solutions that address customer’s problems to short list potential providers.  Much of this research happens without calling a single sales person.  If not short listed, you may never know there was an opportunity.

Control of IT spend is moving to line of business decision makers rapidly.

Historically, the CIO owns the budget and controls the IT spend, but budgets are shifting to greater control of business decision makers, for example HR and marketing are 2 areas with bigger budget pick up, and the CIO is losing some IT spend and control. VARs must effectively uncover their business needs, as well as technology needs, while supporting the CIO’s need to protect, secure and optimize.

Relating back to the last point, line of business decision makers are also searching the web for solutions. They need to land on your website.

Moving to the cloud sounds like an easy enough thing to do…Is it?  Do you Docker

As customers accelerate their use of cloud solutions, they need assistance migrating workloads and data to ensure that it is protected and secured.  Today, many companies provide solutions in this space and offer them to all of the elements of an effective solution.  One company getting much attention with its support of many leading cloud providers is Docker.   Whether Docker or some other tool, Migration Services is a lucrative opportunity for partners to protect their cloud while it moves, getting it up and running fast.

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