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Three Capacity Challenges Solved

Posted by Lisa Friesenhahn on Oct 14, 2014 1:12:41 PM

IT solutions and services, and the channel as a whole, are constantly evolving. On top of this, demand, usage and functionality of technology are always fluctuating as well.  With that in mind, end users are faced with not only ensuring that their IT capacity will meet their current needs, but they are faced with predicting future business requirements over a 2 to 5 year period in an ever-changing environment, and doing so as cost-effectively as possible. With constrained IT budgets that can lead to long procurement cycles, end users could be buying too much capacity up front or they may not be buying enough.

Just like a water or electricity bill, pay as you go financing services in the IT channel and the ability for customers to pay only for the technology they use each month has the possibility to substantially affect the capacity of end users and put the VARs that sell to them in a position of competitive advantage.  With no up-front capital expenses required and no need to go through a long procurement process, implementing a pay as you consume model allows end users to improve asset utilization and rapidly adjust to dynamic business demands.

Typical Customer Capacity Challenges:

1.)    Predicting Capacity Requirements

2.)    Constrained IT Budgets

3.)    Long Procurement Cycles

Now, imagine the rapid adoption of a public cloud with the security of all equipment right on site, or co-location, and the built in flexibility to accommodate growth. Or, the option of moving into a server and storage consolidation plan with no upfront financial pain. Through a consumption-based financing program as mentioned above, or one such as Avnet’s CapacityNow program, you have the ability to help solve these needs for end-users while providing efficient and flexible growth, improving asset utilization, driving cost savings, off-loading the risk of over buying, eliminating need for upfront capital all in a  monthly payment that includes all services fees. These  lead to better capacity management for end users.

Avnet’s CapacityNow™ provides partners with assessment services to determine the storage and blade server capacity needed to meet their customers’ baseline and anticipated capacity growth requirements. The utility computing solution can also include buffer capacity, so customers can immediately scale up when demand increases. Avnet and the partner are able to hold regular planning and review meetings to make certain the storage and blade server capacity provided is fulfilling the customer’s exact requirements and needs.


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