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The Value of Partnership

Posted by Steven Kelley on Feb 1, 2019 11:24:32 AM
Steven Kelley
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We’ve all heard the adage, “It takes a village to raise a child.” It means that one’s personal development is not achieved in a vacuum; it takes the efforts of many. Notwithstanding an individual’s own talents and effort, that person’s success is, in part, attributable to a broad base of external support within his or her personal environment. It is this environment that serves as the enabler for the individual to demonstrate his or her capacity for success. This same concept holds true in business, as well. Excluding human factors like leadership and talent, and focusing solely on a company’s operating systems or the ‘bones’ of a company,­ I’ll explain how the “village” fulfills the supportive role of valued partner.

Digital Transformation Requires a Strategic Partnership with IT

 Although the trend is shifting, a 2014-2015 survey of CIOs reported that one-third of those CIOs(*) held a service provider relationship with their lines of business (LOB). The report cited the need for IT to become a strategic partner in the business: To secure their position as agents of disruptive innovation, [IT organizations] must spend less time serving LOB management and more time partnering with it.”

 Marketplaces today are being leveraged by the wholesale disruption of digital transformation. Success, let alone survival, hinges on how quickly and efficiently organizations can exploit the transformative power of information technology. IT organizations that pivot from the traditional role of ‘support provider’ and articulate their strategic value as ‘success partner’ will ensure the operational viability necessitated by the changes in technology. Pragmatically-speaking, IT organizations are the only ones capable of fulfilling the underlying requirements dictated by the ubiquitous proliferation of digitization. IT must occupy a seat at the decision-making table; without their strategic involvement, failure will be an option.

 The premise of this discussion is that success requires the involvement of many. The parameters for success today, require acknowledging and addressing current realities - the complete digitization of markets. The brief articulation of ITs role in the preceding paragraph was from the internal lens of the business. But what about IT’s lens? Who do they turn to for help? Who guides them? Are their needs fulfilled by the limited resources (and interests) of an outside, vendor-aligned partner; or by a ‘success partner’ holding a robust line card representing a comprehensive array of customizable options?

 One need not be a wizard in outcome probability to understand that the likelihood of success is enhanced as options and choices are increased. “Partnership” implies a level of collaborative ownership, validated in the willingness to accept failure; thus the motivation to avoid it. During a program on the presidential legacy of JFK, Kennedy states, “success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan.” While certainly a true-ism among politicians, when applied to partnerships, it’s a fallacy. A valued partner, as stated above, has skin in the game. The partner has both the interest -and means- to help you succeed; your success becomes their success.

 At Tech Data, our “means” are many. Our vendors represent all of the top technology companies. The breadth of our vendor base allows us to provide our channel partners with an array of choices that provide the right solution at the right price. Our strength is global, with operations and partner networks throughout the Americas, Europe. and Asia-Pacific regions. Tech Data ranks 83rd on the  Fortune 500 and 315 on the Fortune Global 500. Our “means” is also demonstrated through teams of solutions experts who can answer questions, advise and solve problems – quickly and cost effectively. And finally, among the least obvious, yet most important, the true test of a valued partner is integrity and commitment. Annually Tech Date receives dozens of awards and recognitions by its industry peers, vendors and customers. Most recently, Tech Data was named by Fortune Magazine as one of the World’s Most Admired Companies – for the tenth straight year.

 Tech Data connects the world with the power of technology. Our end-to-end portfolio of products, services and solutions, highly specialized skills, and expertise in next-generation technologies enable channel partners to bring to market the products and solutions the world needs to connect, grow and advance. We can help you. If you’re an existing partner and want to learn more about Tech Data, or if you’re looking for a valued partner to help accelerate your business, visit us on line at Tech Data.com.

 About the Author

Steven Kelley is a senior marketing specialist for Tech Data in Tempe, Arizona. In his role, Steve manages the corporate blog, Authority, along with the company’s partner newsletter, The Power of Partnership. Prior to joining Tech Data, Steve managed the marketing, communication and PR duties for a range of businesses in the aviation, defense, energy, hi-tech, and healthcare industries. Steve’s background and profile can found on LinkedIn.

(*) CIOs is stated not in the context of their individual leadership, rather in the role of their organization as a business operations change agent.

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