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Enabling the Human Connection with Solutions from Tech Data

Posted by Anthony Graziano on Apr 21, 2020 5:44:47 PM

Endpoint Solutions is a crucial part of Tech Data’s integrated end-to-end solutions portfolio. When you think of these solutions, what most often comes to mind are the state-of-the-art devices that are used at the edge of the network. From laptops and monitors supporting our virtual meetings to the phones and tablets that we hold in our hands, we engage with each other and connect to the world through endpoint technology.  

Technology is a primary enabler of human engagement. At Tech Data, we connect the world with the power of technology, and we support the core to the edge through the Cloud – keeping users connected and secure. This is especially important today where families are working, learning, playing, socializing and connecting – virtually – like never before. 

For me personally, I can’t imagine what my life would be like today without endpoint devices – my multi-touch, convertible two-in-one notebook with built-in security, my ergonomic keyboard, 43-inch monitor and noise-cancelling headset. I also rely on a range of videoconferencing platforms, my mobile phone, tablet, laptop, fitness watch and smart assistant. These are all integrated with security and mobile technology to fuel and sustain the need for human connection. 

Our team focuses on the user experience by putting the power of technology, literally, into people’s hands. Endpoint technologies serve as a natural extension of our everyday lives and help us connect at any time, from any location, for any purpose, and with whomever we choose. This people-centric approach is foundational to our customers’ success. We empower people to solve real-world problems in real time. Our solutions provide on-the-spot, mobile engagement – deepening one’s ability to teach, learn, share ideas, think creatively and make informed decisions. 

Here are some examples of how endpoint solutions enable human connections to captivate attention, turn questions into answers, ideas into reality and help drive tangible results:  

VideoConference with Doctor - AdobeStock_90091807

  • A doctor using a remote patient monitoring system supported by wearable devices, tablets and videoconferencing to deliver much-needed healthcare to a home-bound patient.
  • A science teacher who uses a mobile tablet to teach her students the intricacies of plant life while on a field trip.
  • A grocery store supply chain leader who has access via his mobile device to a mission-critical business application that delivers real-time inventory at the store level, and with a touch of a button can order more of a given product.
  • A family who celebrates a reunion via videoconference, enabling all members to reconnect across the miles.
  • An architect who drafts renderings on a tablet while she is conducting a site visit, showcasing for her client how a proposed new addition can effectively flow from an existing building.
  • Organizations across the planet staying connected with their workers in today’s work-from-home environment. For example, our global Tech Data colleagues are staying connected through virtual Town Hall meetings, coffee breaks with the CEO and a host of videoconferencing updates from senior leaders – all designed to help keep our teams connected, informed and our business moving forward.

There are thousands of additional real-world examples of endpoint solutions enabling human engagement.

Linda Rendleman, senior vice president, Endpoint Solutions at Tech Data, sums it up well, “Tech Data is committed to sustaining the power of relationships – with our vendors, our customers and each other.  We believe in excellence through collaboration and we go to market with a complete portfolio of solutions and services focused on business outcomes and the user experience for the modern workforce.”  

If you are interested in learning more about how Tech Data’s endpoint solutions are enabling people to collaborate and do great things, visit our solutions page here.

 About the Author

Anthony Graziano oversees the planning, development and execution of marketing programs and go-to-market initiatives for Tech Data’s Endpoint Solutions portfolio. He also manages the alliances and vendor management strategies for AMD, Intel, Google Chrome and Microsoft OEM  throughout the America’s region. Graziano joined Tech Data in 2002 and has held progressive leadership and subject matter expert roles in sales, customer service, product marketing, vendor management and marketing. He brings more than 20 years of professional experience in distribution, as well as in the hospitality and tourism industries. See his profile on LinkedIn.

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