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Tech Data Coach, Mark Shaffer, Shares How Smart Cities Make For Smarter Communities

Posted by Ashley J. Martinez on Jun 9, 2020 6:25:05 PM

On the Clock (with a Tech Data Coach) is Tech Data's new thought leadership podcast featuring 'snackable' (15-20 minute) conversations with next generation subject matter experts in Tech Data's ecosystem – channel professionals our partners can connect with through the Tech Data Coaches network.

 In the latest episode, Mark Shaffer, Tech Data’s Solutions Path Consultant and resident Smart Cities guru, demystifies “smart cities”, how they optimize and raise up communities and municipalities, and shares how our partner community can tap-into this unique vertical market. In our discussion, I asked Mark about how smart cities help communities to work smarter not harder: 

“Not only in the United States, but worldwide, the population is transitioning from a rural setting to an urban setting. It’s requiring new infrastructure to be built but that infrastructure needs to be built on the same real estate or the same area as before, and therefore it has to be smarter to do more with less...Not just from a budget perspective, but a resource perspective and real-estate perspective. More cars are on the road, more people are living in the same areas...We need digitization to stay efficient and are able to meet those growth demands. 

In a time where it seems everything is “smart”, the popularity of these cutting-edge IoT (internet of things), cloud computing, big data and analytics technologies for local governments and municipalities have grown into what is valued to be a nearly $84 billion dollar market. 

Many of us engage with smart technologies in our personal lives. We might be most familiar with wearable tech, like our modern activity tracker, or our smart home devices, like our thermostat and home security system. However, smart cities employ similar technologies on a far more integrated and public scale. 

The Smart Cities niche brings with it the promise of a bright future for citizens, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Smart city solutions help communities address complex challenges and drive innovation in all areas of urban life. 

You might have heard that Tech Data is named the first and only IT Distributor to join the North American Smart Cities Councila global coalition of leading companies advised by top universities, laboratories and standards bodies. This membership shows how Tech Data is uniquely positioned to help communities overcome their digital transformation challenges. 

Mark Shaffer gives mention to the multitude of ways Tech Data is helping communities leverage smart solutions: 

“We focus a lot on public safety and surveillance, video surveillance, you can do sound surveillance for gunshot detection...smart parking, transit. There is also a lot of mobility. Mobility means your citizens stay connected anywhere, any time and any place. And that’s important for smart traffic management. Smart traffic lights, monitoring, volume and accident avoidance....Connected vehicles, we all hear about automated vehicles. That’s here, it’s here and now.”  

And that’s just scratching the surface! If you are looking to expand your opportunities in the public sector, or simply want to learn about how smart cities are weaving together IoT (internet of things), cloud computing, big data and analytics, and other edge technologies to transform how communities engage, communicate, and thrive, check out our latest episode of On the Clock (with a Tech Data Coach), featuring Mark, below. 

Tech Data Coach, Mark Shaffer, discusses Smart Cities in this “snackable” 20-minute podcast. 

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About the Author 

Ashley J. Martinez is the Host of On the Clock (with a Tech Data Coach) and a Marketing Strategist for Tech Data Cloud Solutions. In her role, Ashley is most passionate about customer experience and designing meaningful experiences to make cloud things easier for our partner community. Before Tech Data, Ashley served as a marketing professional in higher education and the public sector. In her free time, Ashley enjoys exploring the Tampa Bay Area (her hometown), traveling, and spending quality time with her husband, Tilly, and their three dogs, Felix, Dobie, and Oreo. Connect with Ashley on LinkedIn. 

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