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Tech Data Coach Diana Weber, Shares How Agile Inspires and Transforms Teams

Posted by Ashley J. Martinez on Jul 14, 2020 4:48:14 PM

On the Clock (with a Tech Data Coach) is Tech Data's new thought leadership podcast featuring 'snackable' (15-20 minute) conversations with next generation subject matter experts in Tech Data's ecosystem – channel professionals our partners can connect with through the Tech Data Coaches network.

In my latest conversation with Diana Weber, Tech Data's Transformation Agile Practice Leader, Diana sheds insight into the transformative potential of the agile mindset and practice in the business setting. During our discussion, I asked Diana to shed some insight into how business teams are embracing being agile.

“It's about supporting organizational agility which is having the ability to adjust to rapidly changing business needs. As our customers’ needs shift and our markets and industry change, we can actually respond to those changes quickly. It’s about mindset, servant leadership, culture, and having empowered collaborative teams that deliver iterative value to the business as they engage stakeholders early and often throughout the process. Agile fundamentally changes the way we work with each other.”

Doing things in an “agile way” Diana emphasizes, is something that organizations and teams of all shapes, sizes, and functions can start practicing without adopting a full agile framework. Here is a brief summary of just a few of the tactics Diana mentions:

  • Host Daily Standups: Having a daily standup with just yourself or with your teams is a great way to quickly identify who is working on what and where things are at in the process. Simply having each person discuss what they worked on yesterday, what they are working on today, and address any barriers or challenges they may be facing, allows quick wins to be celebrated and impediments to be addressed. This approach increases transparency and accountability, but also brings to light how the team can best serve each other to deliver on their commitments. This helps build team synergy and foster a culture of collaboration.

  • Break Down and Visualize Your Work: Breaking down complex pieces of work into smaller more manageable chunks, and visualizing them on a kanban board can increase focus, quickly identify open capacity and bottlenecks, and helps ensure the team is working on delivering highest business value items first. It also minimizes being overwhelmed by tackling the most important or dependent items first.

  • Collect Feedback and Drive Continuous Improvement: As your teams deliver value, eliciting feedback from your stakeholders early and often establishes trust as well as allows for experimentation while minimizing waste. It is an opportunity to co-create a solution that is desired and needed, not what is assumed, and allows for improvements to made in each future iteration. Having a retrospective on past and current projects is a great way to discuss lessons learned from the team and determine what can be improved upon for future projects.

Want to optimize how your team operates? You will want to hear this full interview with Diana!

Tech Data Coach, Diana Weber, discusses Agile for Business in this “snackable” 20-minute podcast.

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Ashley J. Martinez is the Host of On the Clock (with a Tech Data Coach) and a Marketing Strategist for Tech Data Cloud Solutions. In her role, Ashley is most passionate about customer experience and designing meaningful experiences to make cloud things easier for our partner community. Before Tech Data, Ashley served as a marketing professional in higher education and the public sector. In her free time, Ashley enjoys exploring the Tampa Bay Area (her hometown), traveling, and spending quality time with her husband, Tilly, and their four dogs, Felix, Dobie, Oreo, and Ladybug. Connect with Ashley on LinkedIn.  

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