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Tech Data and HonorHealth Give Military Personnel the ‘Gift of Life’:  Simulation Training Helps Prepare Battlefield Medics

Posted by Alisha Robinson on May 23, 2019 2:56:18 PM

Imagine… You’re standing in a makeshift triage unit in the middle of a war zone; you watch as three medics fight to save the life of a soldier whose right arm and leg have been blown off. Time is of the essence as the patient’s loss of blood is substantial. Explosions, sirens, cries for help and medical personnel directing teams in an all-out effort to save lives is overwhelming. Chaos is everywhere, but remarkably, the well-trained, highly skilled team of medics stay cool, collected and laser focused. Their job is to save this soldier’s life.

Welcome to HonorHealth Scottsdale Osborne’s Military Partnership Simulation Center. A hand’s-on simulation lab (simlab) for medics and rescue personnel to train to execute lifesaving measures in highly realistic hazardous environments. I had the recent privilege of experiencing this simlab during Tech Data’s four-day HealthPath internship. The internship program gives partners the opportunity to see how their technology is making a difference in the field of healthcare.

A Matter of Life & Death

Did you know that sixty-two percent of military reservists and National Guard medics who go through medical training don’t actually work in the medical field upon completion of their studies? Yet, from controlled classroom training, they are expected to be prepared –at a moment’s notice – to fly across the world into hostile territory to triage wounded soldiers (and civilians). With HonorHealth’s simlab, medics have the opportunity now to get experiential training, so they can be ready when they fly into harm’s way.

Partners, if you have not had the opportunity to attend our HonorHealth internship, I would encourage you to look into it. You will come away with a deeper understanding of the impact your technology is having in healthcare. It also will serve as real-world product education experience, even potentially giving you new insights into other applications. Think of it as a first-person exposé used to help sell your product and see how your technology is making a huge difference in the healthcare ecosystem. Below are just a few of the comments received at this year’s event.

“HealthPath [Internship] has reaffirmed the importance of technology as a vehicle to deliver the best patient, payer and provider experience to our communities.  Insight has recognized this and made strategic investments and partnerships to help our Healthcare customers through this journey.  Data analytics for example is one of the core competencies of our Digital Innovation team.  From mobile application development to predictive analytics and machine learning, our team is committed to deliver the best possible outcomes to all our customers. I have been with Insight for 11 years and this has been the best training experience I have ever received.”

Justin Wing, Sr. Healthcare Account Executive - Insight

“My expectation for the internship was far exceeded. I was able to see, hear and sometimes touch the core of the hospital. We heard from top leadership and saw all aspects of the hospital.”

“Advanced Systems Group partners with our customers to help them realize their vision with IT and data. My specialty is data analytics and my attendance with the internship allowed me to see what data each line of business relies on and how my services could improve their decision making.”

Shannon Murphy, Sales Executive – Advanced Systems Group

 To find out more about participating in next year’s HealthPath Internship contact Steve Unger at Steve.Unger@techdata.com. Steve is a Solutions Path health care consultant for Tech Data.

About the Author

Alisha Robinson is a communication specialist for Tech Data in Tempe, Ariz.

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