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Sponsored by Cisco:  Authority Talks with Sean McCaskie on how to Enhance the Customer Experience With Cisco's 1Source

Posted by Kelly Armstrong on Jul 30, 2020 7:00:00 AM

Sean McCaskie is the Manager, Vendor Business Operations for Cisco hardware and software solutions at Tech Data. Recently, we sat down with him to chat about 1Source, an enablement platform made to simplify and expedite the Cisco sales process for resellers.

Sean, thanks for joining us! To begin, tell us a little about what you do with Tech Data and Cisco?

I work with the Teach Data team, leading the operations side of our Cisco business. In this role, I specialize in managing the many Cisco hardware and software solutions available through Tech Data. Cisco relies on Tech Data’s sales team to send vaild quotes and orders to them in their business model. So, both of these teams also need my assistance to ensure quotes and orders are entered properly and their ordering systems neatly tie together.

Our operation team’s overall goal is enablement: my team and I work to find ways to improve the Cisco configuration process for resellers, so they can streamline their own frameworks and get solutions to customers faster.

That’s a good segue to Tech Data’s exclusive tool, 1Source, an integrated reseller platform that connects Cisco Commerce Workspace and Tech Data’s internal systems by a single pane of glass. How was it designed to help partners grow their business?

With 1Source, we took Cisco’s multifaceted order process, and streamlined it so representatives can efficiently transact with a few clicks of a button. Through the user-friendly, single-pane quoting and ordering portal, 1Source brings more speed and accuracy to a reseller’s Cisco business, helping ensure they get the right Cisco configuration every time.

Take Cisco Cloud infrastructures for example, something that has become increasingly important in the remote workplace: Cisco Cloud provides a lot of options to customize solutions, which can bring a lot of variety. However, all of these options can be time-consuming too. With 1Source, resellers can take their approved Cisco deal, identify their customers’ cloud needs on the 1Source tool, and have a valid, ready-to-implement quote or order sitting on their lap in minutes. No more waiting on SLAs or getting access to the right representative – they can do it all themselves.

Beyond that, 1Source is designed for resellers to quickly check Tech Data and Cisco inventories, as well as manage their quotes, orders and services from anywhere. These facets to the tool allow partners to capture more opportunities, better manage said opportunities and gain full visibility into their Cisco business.

You mentioned earlier that with the time saved in this tool, partners can have more strategic conversations with customers. Can you paint a picture of the more strategic conversations partners can have when they use a tool like 1Source?

With the time saved on 1Source, resellers can have more strategic conversations before, during and after a transaction as they aren’t spending so much time on the transaction itself.

For example, with features like the post-tracking tool, resellers can get speedy updates on order statuses, tracking numbers, license keys and other prevalent information for a Cisco order before it’s even needed by the end customer. This feature, paired with previously mentioned quoting and ordering tools, means an enhanced customer experience overall and more time for your salespeople to help ensure customers get everything they need to succeed in their business.

Is there anything else you’d like to cover, be it about 1Source or the additional value your team can bring to partners when they use the tool?

Looking forward, we’re testing a few new ways to further improve 1Source. One tool we’re working on aims to help small businesses in their go-to-market experience. With the click of a button, we’re hoping to be able to help partners with SMB customers design a solution, get it quoted, sell it and be done in a matter of minutes. A more automated experience is what many resellers are asking for in this tool, and we’re looking into ways to try and provide that.

Finally, email us at 1source@techdata.com if you’re a reseller who has any questions or suggestions on improving the tool. Over the years we have spent working on this tool, we’re still constantly striving to grow and develop it in ways that benefit our resellers, so feedback is always appreciated!

About the Author:

Kelly Armstrong is a copywriter for Tech Data Agency. Starting her professional technology journey in 2017 in the sales department at Tech Data, she learned about all the great things the company has to offer to help support the future of tech. Now, she uses that knowledge to help others and enthusiastically describe the latest and greatest technologies available to today’s workforce.


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