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SMBs Demonstrate Business Agility – Part Four: Connecting with Community

Posted by Terri Thomas on Jun 11, 2020 4:38:50 PM
Terri Thomas
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In our fourth and final episode of our Business Agility series, we speak with Lincoln Christiansen, president of Link Source IT based in Springfield, Oregon. Founded in 2016, Link Source IT is an enterprise IT solutions provider, servicing small and mid-size companies with cloud, security and information management services.

In the midst of dealing with business lags due to shelter-at-home mandates, Lincoln shares some details about managing through these challenging times, and how his team’s focus right now is on supporting local communities with simple initiatives that build brand and customer loyalties.

Following are a few posts surrounding the value of local small businesses, their supporting efforts to ease stresses and the value of “acting locally:” 

SMB Graphic for Podcast #4-01

We asked Lincoln to share his experiences over these past weeks in managing customer needs and how he’s been able to help his clients during this challenging time. Listen to this 20-minute podcast with Lincoln to hear the details.  

Tech Data has links to information, products, solutions and services on our Stay Connected page on our website to allow our partners to better address their business needs. Be sure to check it out.

Thanks for tuning in to our SMB Agility podcast series. We hope you have enjoyed the insights from our participants and taken away valuable ideas and information. If you’d like to hear more from our SMB partners, please leave your suggestions or comments below.

Be well and stay safe!


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