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Millennials Seeking Millennials: A Chat With Talent Acquisition Partner, Alexandra Mayes

Posted by Kelly Armstrong on Nov 20, 2019 3:45:40 PM

Getting the right person into the right career can be a challenge: there are dozens of resumes to run through, multiple qualifications to confirm, portfolios to critique and many other aspects to matching employers with their ideal applicants.

Just ask Alexandra Mayes, a 28-year-old Talent Acquisition Partner at Tech Data – or, as she sometimes likes to call herself, “company matchmaker.” Alexandra’s primary role is to link desired applicants with the open positions that best suit their skills and personalities.

When talking about her career in recruitment, Alexandra says “I truly enjoy it because it allows me to bring everyone together to make initiatives happen.” 

On a daily basis, she meets with teams across the company – ranging from entry-level to senior level – that are looking for new candidates to fill an empty role. Primarily working with the sales, marketing and communications departments, she takes a three-step approach: she gathers information on what kind of skills the hiring team is looking for in a candidate; learns what type of personalities mesh well with the current team; and then matches applicants accordingly.

“It’s really about understanding the position the candidate would apply for and meeting with their potential team members to determine best practices,” she says. “I try to link people based on their personality types, too – you really have to know the people who are on the team to get the ideal results.”

Recruiting candidates has given Alexandra key insights as to how Millennial candidates and others can perform well throughout the application process. Check out her top three tips below: 

  1. Make a Portfolio or Online Profile - One item Alexandra notices that people don’t do often enough is create a profile, or provide a portfolio with their application.

“Everyone submits resumes, but many don’t include samples of their previous work. They should provide a profile that includes details, such as all of the public relations events they put together, all of the businesses with whom they have relationships, or if they developed social sites,” she advises. “These are all great resources to add to a resume, giving recruiters examples to look at and strengthening a resume.”

  1. Do Your Best to Understand the Role - “As an outsider, it can be very challenging looking at new roles,” notes Alexandra. “For example, you may be asking yourself ‘what is a desk coordinator’ or, ‘what is a logistics representative’, or ‘what does a person in an SAP-oriented role need to know’? Obviously, people in those fields know what it is, especially if they’ve been in them for a long time, but introducing someone to that role can be a little more challenging.”

Her advice to potential applicants is to complete as much prior research on the company and the roles offered before walking into the interview. Doing your homework will help to explain why you will be a good fit for any company, but also can help you learn what roles best suit your skills. 

  1. Remember that Patience is a Virtue - “Find the patience between getting to what you want to do and understanding that it takes time to get there,” Alexandra states, adding that this is one of the most important pieces of advice she can give applicants.

She goes on to explain that several approvals and processes need to occur before she is able to make an offer to a candidate, post-interview. Being patient and keeping one’s options open are important. They’ll help you minimize stress during your career hunt and keep a positive attitude until you land your dream job! 

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About the Author

Kelly Armstrong is a Copywriter for TD Agency at Tech Data. Starting her professional technology journey in 2017 in the sales department at Tech Data, she learned about all the great things the company has to offer to help support the future of tech. Now, she uses that knowledge to help others and enthusiastically describe the latest and greatest technologies available to today’s workforce

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