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Millennial Spotlight: Sales & Service Expertise - Tech Data Account Representative, Lam Nguyen

Posted by Kelly Armstrong on Jul 26, 2019 8:31:23 PM

As with all market leading companies, it’s the employees that drive the success of the business. A team that knows the market, understands the product and recognizes the importance of uncompromising customer service, creates value; making that business an industry leader.

The sales and support team is a company’s first, middle and last, point of contact; they are the idea generators and problem solvers.

Among these are the numerous Millennials facilitating digital transformation and the face of the next-gen workforce – from IT and engineering, to sales and marketing, to finance and beyond.

In profiling one of these Millennials, we sat down with Tech Data inside sales account representative, Lam Nguyen. Lam shared a bit about what he does, what inspired him to work in the technology field and how he is helping to connect the world with the power of technology.

Meet Lam Nguyen

Lam joined Tech Data in 2012. Since becoming an integral member of our sales team, Lam has served as a point of contact for a distinct set of commercial and government clients. His job is to understand what customers need and guide them to technology solution fulfill that need, including vendor recommendations, equipment logistics and sales. Lam also provides sales support, following up with customers to ensure they have everything they need for their network solutions.

Lam and his team service close to 50 accounts; working with them daily on product inquiries and assisting them with comprehensive network support. Rarely involved in cold calls, Lam and his team support an existing IT client base cultivating those relationships and ensuring their needs are effectively managed.

“What inspires me most at Tech Data is the people, they’re fun to work with,” Lam said when discussing his team and the sales organization’s culture. “It’s a positive environment; the people I work with inspire me. They challenge my potential; always pushing me to achieve more.”

Lam has a strong track record of getting results, too. Consistently a top salesperson in his department, in 2015 he was among the company’s Circle of Excellence winners. To grow personally and increase his value among his customers, Lam continued his education; attaining an MBA from Saint Leo University.

Growing Up ‘Digitally Native’

Lam spent his early childhood in his home country, Vietnam. At the age of six, his family moved to California, and then to Florida four years later. His culturally-rich upbringing has provided him a wealth of diverse insights – geopolitical and technological.

“Being a Millennial is great. I recognize the importance of diversity and its value in continuing to ensure America’s global leadership. America was founded on people from all over the world: Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa – from diverse cultures evolve diverse ideas. I believe this diversity fuels the growth of technology as new solutions emerge based on unique -often culturally-driven- issues.”

As a digital native, technology was always a part of Lam’s life -and he had a natural proficiency for it. As a child, Lam was frequently called upon by friends and family to help troubleshoot their technology issues.

“When I was growing up, adults would always ask how to do this or that on computers[…] even with TVs, I had people asking me how to turn it on or how to how to adjust dials and settings,” he said.

Although he interacted with various kinds of technology while growing up, there is one major invention that made him realize he wanted to work in the field as a professional: cellphones.

“I was fascinated by how we could take sound, translate it all into coding, send it through the air via satellite thousands of miles up, then back down again to be re-translated into sounds we understand [instantly],” he said.

Looking Ahead

Moving forward in his career, Lam sees security as the biggest challenge in smart technology. He believes that anything – from mobility, to the Internet to even car technology (his favorite vertical) – can benefit from enhanced security.

When asked about what advice he would offer to anyone looking to work in technology sales, he said, “Always try to learn new things. Technology is ever-growing. It can change from year to year to as well as day to day.”

It’s through this advice that Lam has happily found his own niche in the expanding technology world – helping partners and businesses across the country and making IT infrastructure dreams possible. And all by closing sales, one by one, at a company he loves. 

Our support teams, comprised of experts like Lam, are skilled in the knowledge of the industry, its direction and the products companies will need to ensure their competitiveness throughout digital transformation. To learn about opportunities to join Lam and our team of experts, visit our career page at: https://techdata.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/External

About the Author

Kelly Armstrong is a Copywriter for TD Agency at Tech Data. Starting her professional technology journey in 2017 in the sales department at Tech Data, she learned about all the great things the company has to offer to help support the future of tech. Now, she uses that knowledge to help others and enthusiastically describe the latest and greatest technologies available to today’s workforce.

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