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Everybody Needs a Coach: Find Yours with Our “All-Star” Network

Posted by Ashley J. Martinez on Nov 12, 2020 6:39:03 PM

Tech Data Named a 2020 ChannelPro SMB All-Star for Tech Data Coaches

You might have heard ChannelPro recently released its annual 2020 SMB All-Star list. We were overjoyed to learn Tech Data was named an honoree for our Tech Data Coaches network!

SMB All Star

 ChannelPro praised the Tech Data Coaches network as “an innovative people-helping-people venture that provides free access to personalized advice on everything from security and cloud computing to lead generation and financial management from volunteer Tech Data subject matter experts.”

We launched this online community in April 2020, with a simple objective in mind: Better connect our reseller partners and their colleagues to channel professionals in Tech Data’s ecosystem.

Why? Because sometimes, everybody needs a coach. Stacy Nethercoat, Senior Vice President, Cloud Solutions Americas, summed up our intentions well in our launch release:

Tech Data Coaches is changing the way we communicate and engage with our partners. This offering creates an interactive social environment that allows individuals within our partners’ organizations – each of whom represent an important role within their company – to innovate collaboratively, enhance their professional skillsets and accelerate business growth.”

This recognition, coupled with feedback we received from our members, shows that we are living up to this purpose:

“I feel more connected to my partners at Tech Data.”

“What I enjoy the most is connecting with multiple resources across Tech Data”

“This is just what I needed.”


These sentiments are just a few comments we’ve received from active participants in our network. Each of these individuals joined with different objectives in mind: One looked to kickstart a Google Workplace practice. Another desired to accelerate their organization’s federal government strategy. And another looked for feedback on their business transition plan.

While they each had a different need, there was one thing that they shared in common:

Tech Data Coaches provided a simple and quick way to find the guidance they needed.

Thus far, we’ve had more than 150+ people enroll in our community to grow connections our fleet of 80+ coaches, who collectively share rich experience across multiple business functions, next-gen technology areas as well as supplier areas. As we look forward to the future, we hope to inspire infinite connections throughout our ecosystem.

Not to mention, while many of us continue to find ourselves in a remote work reality, this community is affording the ability to make connections from our own homes, as the frequency of in person interactions, on-site visits, and live conferences have slowed down.

You might be wondering, what kind of expertise do your coaches have? Well, our coaches share rich experience across multiple business functions, next-gen technology areas as well as supplier areas – and within our community you can search and explore the profiles of our full data base of coaches.

PIC 2-1

 Search and browse our full portfolio of coaches, by topic or keyword.

We’ll also suggest matches for you based on your interests and needs.

3Receive recommendations on a few coaches based on your interests and needs.

From there, you can grow connections with ease, and even bookmark some coach connections for later.

4Easily send a message to make an introduction, submit a question or find a meeting time if one is available.

These are just some of the features we have in place today. Check back often, as our community is constantly growing with new coaches as well as features.

I hope you take our community for a test drive and make your first connection. I think you will be pleased with the new relationships you will make. Most of all, I hope you share Tech Data Coaches with colleagues, and it becomes your teams’ go-to resource for mentorship, guidance and support.

Getting started takes less than 3-minutes at https://bit.ly/techdatacoaches. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch at Coaches@techdata.com.

About the Author

Ashley J. Martinez is a Marketing Strategist for Tech Data Cloud Solutions. In her role, Ashley is most passionate about customer experience and designing meaningful experiences to make cloud and technology things easier for our partner community. Before Tech Data, Ashley served as a marketing professional in higher education and the public sector. In her free time, Ashley enjoys exploring the Tampa Bay Area (her hometown), traveling, and spending quality time with her husband, Tilly, and her four-too-many dogs, Felix, Dobie, Oreo, and Ladybug. 






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