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Looking to Inspire, Engage and Enable Productivity? Make Your Conference Rooms 'Collaborative'

Posted by Tech Data Maverick Solutions Team on Oct 3, 2019 3:57:36 PM

The growing trend in workplace collaboration to enable agile businesses means that meeting rooms are rapidly moving from being a presentation space equipped with a lone video cord, towards a slick user experience.

Today, platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Suite, etc., are changing the face of business meetings. These unified communication (UC) platforms employ a user interface no different from your mobile device or PC, and scaling them to an in-room system.

The UC experience is augmented by rapid developments in audio and video performance with microphone technology. This delivers accurate, hi-resolution sound and camera solutions capable of tracking room attendees to show the most appropriate image. In addition, the inclusion of software-based whiteboard solutions such as Microsoft Whiteboard enables multiple-site collaboration.

This is having an impact on the marketplace as the workforce adapts to collaboration, especially now that 70 percent of professionals work remotely at least one day a week and increasingly, are being included remotely in meetings.

There is a user demand of having a collaborative, engaging and productive meeting as people want to walk into meeting rooms regardless of where in the world they are and have exactly the same experience. On the other hand, businesses are seeking the same solutions and platforms at every meeting room, and this kind of consistency is translating to a global requirement. Businesses that provide technology innovations to fit these experiences are starting to grasp the opportunity. 

Here’s How Tech Data Transforms Conference Rooms into Collaborative Environments That Foster Creativity and Increase Productivity. 

To provide a unique experience within a workplace and to give businesses a competitive edge, Tech Data’s Maverick AV solutions has activated its global experience. The company has created consistent solutions that make all collaboration available in one single interface by offering programs around; 

  1. Smart Meetings – Supporting unified collaboration meeting spaces, with video, data and audio conferencing.
  2. Smart Signage – Focusing on corporate communications, retail signage and education.
  3. Global Partnerships – Focusing on deploying a single experience in an agile way, across multiple sites and countries. 

Also, Maverick offers AV expertise in terms of managing customers digital displays throughout their lifecycle, from design to cabling and installation, to content management and network connectivity. What makes us different is the technical expertise and adding IoT, analytics and security capabilities to enable businesses to integrate with customers for efficiency. 

Learn more about Tech Data’s Maverick AV Solutions here. Tune back for part two of this series as we discuss more about Smart Signage and how Tech Data supports channel partners so that they can take advantage of our programs. Don’t want to wait? Comment below and let's discuss how Tech Data can help you incorporate our services and support globally. 

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