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Tech Data Coach, Adrienne Ambrose Shares Importance of Account Management

Posted by Ashley J. Martinez on May 7, 2020 5:17:16 PM

On the Clock (with a Tech Data Coach) is Tech Data's new thought leadership podcast featuring 'snackable' (15-20 minute) conversations with next generation subject matter experts in Tech Data's ecosystem – channel professionals our partners can connect with through the Tech Data Coaches network.

In the latest episode, Adrienne Ambrose,Tech Data’s Google Cloud Enablement Consultant, discusses the importance of strategic account management. In our discussion, I asked her what strategic account management is and why it’s so important.

“Strategic Account Management is about building trust between organizations,” she said. “It is far more beneficial than simply going after the one-time sale. When you create a mutually beneficial relationship with a customer or prospect, versus trying to sell them an item and disappear, you form a long-lasting partnership that can reap two-way benefits for years.”

There are numerous studies that back up Adrienne’s view, too. The Pareto Principle, also known as the “80-20 Rule” states that 80 percent of a firm’s future revenue will come from 20 percent of its existing customers. Sales roles are also shifting from hunters focused on the acquisition, to sales champions –strategic account managers obsessed with the customer and focused on addressing customers’ needs, improvement, and retention.

B2B buyers are responding positively to this targeted approach, and more so when the relationship centers around customer improvement and forward-looking business growth. In fact, a 2019 Gartner analysis showed that customer improvement was nearly as effective of a retention driver as overall product and services success.

Strategic Account Management, done right, is a long-term approach requiring strong communication skills and in today’s digital age, it requires a blend of traditional, as well as creative methods of customer engagement.

“Building the relationship with partners and suppliers takes effort on my part. I include activities to help build that relationship such as monthly touch-base cadences, keeping the partners aware of the latest program changes, regular training and making sure I provide them with the best customer experience possible to maintain their business,” says Adrienne.

If you are looking for a brief-yet-meaningful dive into account management strategies and tips, or simply want to point a colleague in the right direction for some solid -sage- advice, check out our latest episode of On the Clock (with a Tech Data Coach), featuring Adrienne, below.

Tech Data Coach, Adrienne Ambrose, discusses account management in this “snackable” 20-minute podcast.

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Ashley J. Martinez is the Host of On the Clock (with a Tech Data Coach) and a Marketing Strategist for Tech Data Cloud Solutions. In her role, Ashley is most passionate about customer experience and designing meaningful experiences to make cloud things easier for our partner community. Before Tech Data, Ashley served as a marketing professional in higher education and the public sector. In her free time, Ashley enjoys exploring the Tampa Bay Area (her hometown), traveling, and spending quality time with her husband, Tilly, and their three dogs, Felix, Dobie, and Oreo. Connect with Ashley on LinkedIn.


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