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Best of May:  A Focus on Tech Education

Posted by Mike Fitch on Jun 3, 2021 2:08:22 PM

While celebrating Teacher Appreciation Day on May 4, we thought it was more appropriate to make the entire month of May “Teacher Appreciation Month,” especially after a pandemic-led virtual-learning environment where parents are truly appreciating all that teachers are capable of doing. Here at the Authority Blog, we focused on IT education throughout the month, and while virtual tech courses don’t quite match up to the superheroes in our children’s education, we appreciate instructors of all kinds for what they do to enable and empower all kinds of individuals.

We’ve compiled the “best of” for our May education series so that you won’t miss a beat:

By the Numbers: A Growing Demand for IT Skills and Occupations

IBTNn this blog post, we set the framework for what’s currently happening in the IT skills market. There’s a definitive, growing gap between the sophistication of technology that organizations require expertise, and individuals who can match those qualifications. Some of the forward-looking statistics we captured show the significance of leaving this skill gap unaddressed (such as the potential of $8.4 trillion in unrealized revenue). We also share which areas of technology are impacted the most, like the growing abundance of cybersecurity threats, and what we, collectively as the IT channel, can do to be more informed and enabled as we move forward.

Read the blog to see the numbers behind the growing IT skill gap: https://blog.techdata.com/authority/business-insight/by-the-numbers-a-growing-demand-for-it-skills-and-occupations

Tech Data Coaches Delivers Comprehensive Online Mentoring Service to Grow Partner Competencies

CoachgEven amongst some of the world’s most successful leaders, it’s been proven that mentors and coaches play an instrumental role in providing counsel and guidance for all levels of professionals. Over the years, we’ve listened to our channel partners and addressed the need for mentors by launching “Tech Data Coaches,” a completely free mentoring service for our resellers. The platform is built off of a “smart profile” to identify the custom needs for each individual who registers by pairing them with one (or more) of our 70+ subject-matter experts.

Read the blog and learn more about our Coaches program: https://blog.techdata.com/authority/business-insight/tech-data-coaches-delivers-comprehensive-online-mentoring-service-to-grow-partner-competencies

Top 12 ExitCertified Courses to Improve Your IT Skillset

LUTech Data’s technology training arm, ExitCertified, has more than 9,500 authorized training courses from some of our top vendors (AWS, Google, Microsoft, just to name a few). Rather than asking our readers to peruse the full catalog, we identified 12 key training areas and the top course in each area to immediately begin expanding your skillset. Whether you’re looking to learn a brand new programming language, want to get your Security+ certification, or have heard the word “Kubernetes” enough times that you want to dive in, there’s a training course for all levels of IT professionals.

See our top 12 ExitCertified courses: https://blog.techdata.com/authority/services/top-12-exitcertified-courses-to-improve-your-it-skillset

Grow, Share and LevelUp Your IT Skills on a Budget

XCExpanding upon your tech skills doesn’t need to come with an enterprise-level price tag. Whether it’s inside or outside of Tech Data, there are a ton of completely free resources that are available for individuals who are taking their skills journey to the next level. We took a look at three free resources (Grow with Google, Skillshare, LevelUp) and identified how you can get started and what each of these platforms offer in your personal and professional development.

See what kind of skills you can grow at no cost to you: https://blog.techdata.com/authority/business-insight/grow-share-and-levelup-your-it-skills-on-a-budget

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