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Authority's 'Top 5' - Tech Data's Top Five Blog Posts in 2019

Posted by Steven Kelley on Jan 27, 2020 6:02:17 PM
Steven Kelley
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Each week, Authority publishes thought-leading stories about the technologies shaping our world and our lives. From IoT, big data and the cloud, to thought provoking perspectives on business culture, organizational leadership and service, Tech Data’s Authority blog offers useful, engaging and relevant stories that affect the channel, our partners and the technology industry.

The Authority Top 5 is Tech Data’s annual roundup of the year’s top five stories appearing in the company’s Authority blog site. Starting with number 5, here are 2019's “Top 5”:

5.    Sales 101:  Become a Story-Seller (Part One)

4.    Why MSPs/MSSPs Need to ‘Get Secure

3.    Tech Data: Helping Close the Cybersecurity Skills Gap with New World-Class Cyber Range

2.    3 Reasons Why Tech Data’s Tech-as-a-Service (in-Win TaaS) is a Win-Win

1.    The Millennials are Coming

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About the Author

Steven Kelley is a senior marketing specialist for Tech Data in Tempe, Arizona. In his role, Steve manages and contributes articles about next-gen technologies and market trends to Tech Data’s corporate blog, Authority, as well as the company’s partner newsletter, The Power of Partnership. Prior to joining Tech Data, Steve managed the marketing, communication and PR duties for a range of businesses in the aviation, defense, energy, hi-tech, and healthcare industries. Steve’s background and profile can found on LinkedIn.

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